CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

Annual Cup 2014 Competition 1 - Presidents Cup and Chairmans Rosebowl
Judge - Mark Buckley-Sharp ARPS CPAGB APAGB Date - 06/05/2015
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Entrant Total Open Entrant Class
Ron Beattie 67 67 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 70 70 Intermediate
Andy Sands 78 78 Intermediate
Chris Skinner 70 70 Intermediate
Val Beattie 68 68 Intermediate
John Wood 73 73 Intermediate
John Hyde 67 67 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 66 66 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 74 74 Intermediate
Raj Haran 62 62 Intermediate
Mike Newman 70 70 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101Abbe Ron Beattie Abbey Quire Open 18 Intermediate
100102Anko Raymond Lofthouse Ankor Wat temples Open 16 Intermediate
100103Gold Andy Sands Golden plover calling Open 20 President's Cup Intermediate
100104Flow Chris Skinner Flower Fantasy Open 17 Intermediate
100105Cont Val Beattie Contrast Open 18 Intermediate
100106Colo John Wood Colourscape 01 Open 17 Intermediate
100107Ball John Hyde Ballet Group Open 17 Intermediate
100108At t Stuart Brocklebank At the Livestock Auction Mk 2 Open 17 Intermediate
100109Firs Bill Cooper First Open 19 Intermediate
100110Corf Raj Haran Corfe Castle open 16 Intermediate
100111Blac Mike Newman Blacksmith Open 19 Intermediate
100201Inta Ron Beattie Intake Open 16 Intermediate
100202Risi Raymond Lofthouse Rising moon Open 19 Intermediate
100203Hove Andy Sands Hoverfly covered in dew Open 19 Intermediate
100204Pylo Chris Skinner Pylon Power Open 17 Intermediate
100205Even Val Beattie Evening Fishing Open 17 Intermediate
100206Deep John Wood Deep in thought Open 19 Intermediate
100207Blue John Hyde Bluebell Forest Open 16 Intermediate
100208The Stuart Brocklebank The Highs & Lows Open 17 Intermediate
100209Nigh Bill Cooper Night on the Tyne open 18 Intermediate
100210Sayi Raj Haran Sayini open 16 Intermediate
100211Plat Mike Newman Platfom 6, London Bridge Open 16 Intermediate
100301Late Ron Beattie Late Spring Open 17 Intermediate
100302Saxo Raymond Lofthouse Saxophonist Open 17 Intermediate
100303Snip Andy Sands Snipe in the rain Open 19 Intermediate
100304Time Chris Skinner Time travellers Open 18 Intermediate
100305Legs Val Beattie Legs Open 17 Intermediate
100306Iceb John Wood Icebound on theTrent and Mersey Canal Open 18 Intermediate
100307Swan John Hyde Swans in Swan Lake Open 17 Intermediate
100308The Stuart Brocklebank The Price of Fat Lambs. Hawes 2 Open 16 Intermediate
100309The Bill Cooper The Brighton Bandstand open 18 Intermediate
100310Swan Raj Haran Swanage open 14 Intermediate
100311Tall Mike Newman Tall Ship at Canary Wharf Open 17 Intermediate
100401Mist Ron Beattie Misty View Open 16 Intermediate
100402Stre Raymond Lofthouse Strength and speed Open 18 Intermediate
100403Wasp Andy Sands Wasp spider Open 20 Intermediate
100404You Chris Skinner You name it we sell it Open 18 Intermediate
100405Love Val Beattie Lovely Caulis Open 16 Intermediate
100406Staf John Wood Staffordshire winter's morn Open 19 Runner Up Intermediate
100407Thic John Hyde Thick Rough Wool Open 17 Intermediate
100408Towa Stuart Brocklebank Towards Glencoe Open 16 Intermediate
100409The Bill Cooper The Jazz Singer open 19 Intermediate
100410Vict Raj Haran Victoria open 16 Intermediate
100411The Mike Newman The City Never Sleeps Open 18 Intermediate