CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

Annual Cup 2018 Competition 0 - President's Cup and Chairman's Rosebowl
Judge - Chris Drury LRPS Date - 01/05/2019
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Entrant Total Open Entrant Class
Filippo Realmuto 69 69 Open
Andy Sands 76 76 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 74 74 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 76 76 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 70 70 Intermediate
John Wood 70 70 Intermediate
John Hyde 75 75 Intermediate
Raj Haran 64 64 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101Aphr Filippo Realmuto Aphrodite Rocks Open 18 Open
100102Brow Andy Sands Brown Hare feeding Open 20 President's Cup Intermediate
100103Alca Stuart Brocklebank Alcazar arches Open 19 Intermediate
100104Brig Bill Cooper Brighton Bandstand and West Pier Open 19 Intermediate
100105Anyo Raymond Lofthouse Anyone for radishes Open 15 Intermediate
100106The John Wood The Girl 01 Open 17 Intermediate
100107Autu John Hyde Autumn in Ashridge Open 19 Intermediate
100108Harp Raj Haran Harpist Hayley open 15 Intermediate
100201Beau Filippo Realmuto Beaulieu lake Open 16 Open
100202Mati Andy Sands Mating Common Blue Damselflies Open 18 Intermediate
100203Almo Stuart Brocklebank Almost over Open 20 Chairman's Rosebowl Intermediate
100204Comm Bill Cooper Common Blue Damselfly Open 20 Intermediate
100205At P Raymond Lofthouse At Prayer Open 17 Intermediate
100206The John Wood The Girl 02 Open 18 Intermediate
100207Fore John Hyde Forest with Mist and Rain Open 18 Intermediate
100208Spid Raj Haran Spider orchids open 15 Intermediate
100301Othe Filippo Realmuto Other side Open 19 Open
100302Mist Andy Sands Mistle Thrush Feeding Young Open 20 Intermediate
100303Beac Stuart Brocklebank Beach huts Open 18 Intermediate
100304Comm Bill Cooper Common Blue on Rye Grass Open 19 Intermediate
100305Beau Raymond Lofthouse Beautiful demoiselle Open 20 Intermediate
100306The John Wood The Girl 03 Open 19 Intermediate
100307Room John Hyde Room in Hatfield House Open 19 Intermediate
100308Wait Raj Haran Waiting patiently open 19 Intermediate
100401Seaf Filippo Realmuto Seafront Open 16 Open
100402Oran Andy Sands Orange Tip Butterfly on Cuckoo flower Open 18 Intermediate
100403Feed Stuart Brocklebank Feeding the fire Open 17 Intermediate
100404Izzy Bill Cooper Izzy Open 18 Intermediate
100405Ride Raymond Lofthouse Rider Open 18 Intermediate
100406The John Wood The Girl 04 Open 16 Intermediate
100407Seed John Hyde Seed Heads Open 19 Intermediate
100408Wren Raj Haran Wren singing open 15 Intermediate