CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

Annual Cup 2020 Competition 0 - President's Cup & Chairman's Rosebowl
Judge - TBA Date - 05/05/2021
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Entrant Total Open Entrant Class
Desmond Stewart 45 45 Intermediate
John Wood 65 65 Intermediate
Linda Gransby 71 71 Intermediate
Andy Sands 79 79 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 65 65 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 68 68 Intermediate
John Hyde 63 63 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 65 65 Intermediate
John Clark 62 62 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101Krug Desmond Stewart Kruger NP 02A Open 14 Intermediate
100102Issy John Wood Issy Open 16 Intermediate
100103Afte Linda Gransby After the rain Open 15 Intermediate
100104Coma Andy Sands Comatricha nigra Open 20 Intermediate
100105Just Stuart Brocklebank Just hanging on Open 18 Intermediate
100106Conv Bill Cooper Convergence 2 Open 18 Intermediate
100107Corn John Hyde Corn flowers and California Poppies Open 16 Intermediate
100108Fish Raymond Lofthouse Fishing in heavy seas Open 18 Intermediate
100109Beac John Clark Beach Tree Avenue Open 15 Intermediate
100201Kudu Desmond Stewart Kudu 01 Open 15 Intermediate
100202Perr John Wood Perranporth sunset 2 Open 16 Intermediate
100203Clos Linda Gransby Closing time Open 19 Intermediate
100204Oran Andy Sands Orange tip butterfly emerging Open 20 Chairman's Rosebowl Intermediate
100205On t Stuart Brocklebank On the plane Open 16 Intermediate
100206On G Bill Cooper On Golden Rod 2 Open 17 Intermediate
100207Dahl John Hyde Dahlia Open 15 Intermediate
100208In t Raymond Lofthouse In the harbour Open 15 Intermediate
100209Blue John Clark Bluebell Wood Open 16 Intermediate
100301Vult Desmond Stewart Vulture on branch Open 16 Intermediate
100302Stor John Wood Storm Ellen batters Porthleven Open 17 Intermediate
100303Fore Linda Gransby Forest Open 20 President's Cup Intermediate
100304Slim Andy Sands Slime Mould Lamproderma scintillans Open 20 Intermediate
100305Shin Stuart Brocklebank Shingle, chain & buoy Open 15 Intermediate
100306The Bill Cooper The A Team Open 15 Intermediate
100307Hype John Hyde Hypericum flower and berry Open 15 Intermediate
100308Shad Raymond Lofthouse Shadows Open 16 Intermediate
100309Gorm John Clark Gormley Blue moon Open 16 Intermediate
100402The John Wood The Oculus Open 16 Intermediate
100403Leit Linda Gransby Leith docks Open 17 Intermediate
100404Wood Andy Sands Wood Ant on Waxcap Open 19 Intermediate
100405Youn Stuart Brocklebank Young ladies in lavender Open 16 Intermediate
100406Tony Bill Cooper Tony Open 18 Intermediate
100407Stil John Hyde Still life Open 17 Intermediate
100408Watc Raymond Lofthouse Watching the Sturgeon Moon 2020 Open 16 Intermediate
100409Swir John Clark Swirl Open 15 Intermediate