CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

Annual Cup 2021 Competition 0 - President's Cup & Chairman's Rosebowl
Judge - Kathy Chantler ARPS Date - 27/04/2022
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Entrant Total Open Entrant Class
Linda Gransby 68 68 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 68 68 Intermediate
Alan Overy 65 65 Intermediate
Tony Chan 62 62 Intermediate
John Hyde 62 62 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 62 62 Intermediate
John Wood 67 67 Intermediate
Andy Sands 73 73 Intermediate
John Clark 69 69 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 70 70 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101Boat Linda Gransby Boatyard Open 17 Intermediate
100102Nigh Raymond Lofthouse Night Life Open 17 Intermediate
100103Brig Alan Overy Brighton Sunset Open 16 Intermediate
100104Fema Tony Chan Female Mandarin Duck, Grand Union Canal Open 16 Intermediate
100105Gard John Hyde Garden Sculpture Open 15 Intermediate
100106Exit Stuart Brocklebank Exit Open 15 Intermediate
100107My G John Wood My Girl Open 17 Intermediate
100108Gard Andy Sands Garden Spiderlings Open 18 Intermediate
100109Eye John Clark Eye bridge Open 16 Intermediate
100110Blue Bill Cooper Blue on Green Open 18 Intermediate
100201Clic Linda Gransby Click! Open 17 Intermediate
100202Refl Raymond Lofthouse Reflections in the lily pond Open 17 Intermediate
100203Clam Alan Overy Clam and Boats at Hastings Open 16 Intermediate
100204Male Tony Chan Male Mandarin Duck, Grand Union Canal Open 15 Intermediate
100205Henr John Hyde Henry Moore Sculpture Open 15 Intermediate
100206King Stuart Brocklebank Kingsman Open 15 Intermediate
100207Old John Wood Old mining village, Snowdonia Open 17 Intermediate
100208Noma Andy Sands Nomad Bee Sleeping Open 19 Intermediate
100209On T John Clark On The fence Open 18 Intermediate
100210Kite Bill Cooper Kite Surfer Aloft Open 17 Intermediate
100301Helt Linda Gransby Helter Skelter Open 18 Intermediate
100302Saxa Raymond Lofthouse Saxaphone player Open 16 Intermediate
100303Cumu Alan Overy Cumulonimbus & Countryside Open 18 Intermediate
100304Narr Tony Chan Narrow Boats, Grand Union Canal Open 15 Intermediate
100305Hydr John Hyde Hydrangia Open 17 Intermediate
100306Patt Stuart Brocklebank Patterns and Scooter Open 17 Intermediate
100307Sout John Wood South Stack, Anglessey Open 18 Intermediate
100308Slim Andy Sands Slime moulds Open 19 Chairman's Rosebowl Intermediate
100309Wint John Clark Winter's day Open 20 President's Cup Intermediate
100310Old Bill Cooper Old Soldier's Hands Open 17 Intermediate
100401Mixi Linda Gransby Mixing it up Open 16 Intermediate
100402Wine Raymond Lofthouse Wine on the beach Open 18 Intermediate
100403The Alan Overy The Lonely Conker Open 15 Intermediate
100404Refl Tony Chan Reflections, Grand Union Canal Open 16 Intermediate
100405Leed John Hyde Leed's Castle Garden Open 15 Intermediate
100406Urba Stuart Brocklebank Urban downtime Open 15 Intermediate
100407Stan John Wood Standing Stones Open 15 Intermediate
100408Wint Andy Sands Winter Sanderling Open 17 Intermediate
100409Yell John Clark Yellow Daisies Open 15 Intermediate
100410The Bill Cooper The Harpist Open 18 Intermediate