CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

Cup and Rosebowl 2007 Competition 1 - Presidents Cup and Chairmans Rosebowl
Judge - Chris Palmer Date - 07/05/2008
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Entrant Total Open Entrant Class
Mike Newman 53 53 Intermediate
Raj Haran 39 39 Intermediate
Martin Malone 50 50 Intermediate
Ariaan Winter 40 40 Intermediate
Rita Keen 15 15 Intermediate
John Wood 49 49 Intermediate
Andy Sands 56 56 Intermediate
Matt Auld 50 50 Intermediate
Chris Keen 31 31 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 45 45 Intermediate
Val Beattie 40 40 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 56 56 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 45 45 Intermediate
John Hyde 43 43 Intermediate
Sarah Sands 44 44 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 49 49 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
1100Mist Mike Newman Misty Trees Open 18 Intermediate
1102litt Raj Haran little Kate Open 14 Intermediate
1121Aust Martin Malone Australian Squeeze Box Open 16 Intermediate
1130gust Ariaan Winter gust of wind open 14 Intermediate
1138 Bal Rita Keen Ball & Chain Open 15 Best in Class Intermediate
1140Ever John Wood Ever Decreasing Circles Open 16 Intermediate
1147Male Andy Sands Male Ring Ouzel Open 18 Intermediate
1157Gorm Matt Auld Gormley at Southbank Open 17 Intermediate
1158Char Chris Keen Chard in Boot Open 14 Intermediate
1162Honi Ian Hooker Honister Pass open 14 Intermediate
1168Moon Val Beattie Moonlight at Arneside Open 12 Intermediate
1170Fest Bill Cooper Festival Hall Balcony open 20 Intermediate
1182Brig Ron Beattie Bright & Brassy Things Open 16 Intermediate
1185Cat John Hyde Cat Nap Open 15 Intermediate
1189Sats Sarah Sands Satsuma Segments Open 15 Intermediate
1193Danc Raymond Lofthouse Dancers Open 14 Intermediate
1200Otte Mike Newman Otter Open 19 Intermediate
1202Morg Raj Haran Morgan Open 13 Intermediate
1221Blac Martin Malone Black and White Open 15 Intermediate
1230wint Ariaan Winter winter landscape open 12 Intermediate
1240Mill John Wood Millennium Bridge Open 16 Intermediate
1247Sout Andy Sands Southern Hawker Dragonfly drying wings Open 20 Intermediate
1257Nepa Matt Auld Nepalise Smoke Open 17 Intermediate
1258His Chris Keen His Last Meal Open 17 Intermediate
1262It S Ian Hooker It Snowed on Sunday Open 16 Intermediate
1268Picn Val Beattie Picnic Open 14 Intermediate
1270On P Bill Cooper On Patrol, Tate Modern open 20 Best in Class Intermediate
1282Fold Ron Beattie Folded Dales Open 14 Intermediate
1285Feed John Hyde Feeding Time Open 16 Intermediate
1289The Sarah Sands The Beauty of Wood Open 15 Intermediate
1293I've Raymond Lofthouse I've got a secret open 19 Intermediate
1300Shoe Mike Newman Shoes & Trees Open 16 Intermediate
1302moth Raj Haran mothers love Open 12 Intermediate
1321Isab Martin Malone Isabella Open 19 Intermediate
1330wood Ariaan Winter wood open 14 Intermediate
1340Sedu John Wood Seductress Open 17 Intermediate
1347Wate Andy Sands Water Vole Feeding Open 18 Intermediate
1357Shar Matt Auld Sharjah Junction Open 16 Intermediate
1362Moon Ian Hooker Moonlit Bay Open 15 Intermediate
1368Tree Val Beattie Tree and Hills Open 14 Intermediate
1370Peac Bill Cooper Peacock on Bluebell open 16 Intermediate
1382Silv Ron Beattie Silver Birches 2 Open 15 Intermediate
1385Fish John Hyde Fisherman Open 12 Intermediate
1389The Sarah Sands The Bend in the River Open 14 Intermediate
1393oran Raymond Lofthouse orangutan open 16 Intermediate