CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

Cup and Rosebowl 2011 Competition 0 - Presidents Cup and Chairmans Rosebowl
Judge - Stan McCartin Date - 02/05/2012
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Entrant Total Open Entrant Class
Ariaan Winter 61 61 Intermediate
John Hyde 58 58 Intermediate
Mike Newman 66 66 Intermediate
John Wood 65 65 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 66 66 Intermediate
BradW 63 63 Intermediate
Andy Sands 79 79 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 53 53 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 66 66 Intermediate
Sarah Sands 74 74 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 68 68 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100100Balu Ariaan Winter Balustrades open 12 Intermediate
100133Fran John Hyde Frangipani flowers Open 13 Intermediate
100138Havi Mike Newman Having Fun Open 16 Intermediate
100139Low John Wood Low tide at Bankside Open 14 Intermediate
100147Aqua Ian Hooker Aquadrome in the style of Camille Open 17 Intermediate
100148Chin BradW Chinese Junk, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Open 16 Intermediate
100165Glow Andy Sands Glow-worm Open 19 Intermediate
100179Just Ron Beattie Just Thinking Open 12 Intermediate
100185Cont Raymond Lofthouse Contemplation Open 14 Intermediate
100192 Mor Sarah Sands Morning Dew Open 17 Intermediate
100193In F Bill Cooper In Flight Open 20 Intermediate
100200Pain Ariaan Winter Painted Bolts open 16 Intermediate
100233Lond John Hyde London Lights Open 18 Intermediate
100238Red Mike Newman Red Bascule Bridge Open 15 Intermediate
100239Mena John Wood Menacing Metropolis Open 18 Intermediate
100247He's Ian Hooker He's Fallen in the Water Open 17 Intermediate
100248New BradW New Day Together Open 17 Intermediate
100265Mead Andy Sands Meadow pipit in flight with food Open 20 Intermediate
100279Memo Ron Beattie Memories on a beach Open 15 Intermediate
100285Elep Raymond Lofthouse Elephant keepers2 Open 18 Intermediate
100292Roes Sarah Sands Roesel's Bush Cricket Open 18 Intermediate
100293Slop Bill Cooper Slopping Out, Brighton Beach open 13 Intermediate
100300Scar Ariaan Winter Scarves open 17 Intermediate
100333Old John Hyde Old Church Open 12 Intermediate
100338The Mike Newman The Girl Next Door Open 16 Intermediate
100339The John Wood The wall's have eyes too Open 17 Intermediate
100347Olym Ian Hooker Olympic Training 1 Open 17 Intermediate
100348Rout BradW Route North to Kaikoura Ranges, NZ Open 15 Intermediate
100365Spot Andy Sands Spotted flycatcher with Ringlet butterfly Open 20 Intermediate
100379Off Ron Beattie Off Bembridge Open 12 Intermediate
100385Fema Raymond Lofthouse Female red-veined darter dragonfly Open 18 Intermediate
100392Sea Sarah Sands Sea Sculpture Open 20 Chairman's Rosebowl Intermediate
100393Stra Bill Cooper Strange Pond Life open 16 Intermediate
100400Shap Ariaan Winter Shapes open 16 Intermediate
100433Sky John Hyde Sky Mirrors Land Open 15 Intermediate
100438Whee Mike Newman Wheel Hub Open 19 Intermediate
100439Vict John Wood Victoria Open 16 Intermediate
100447Worm Ian Hooker Worms Eye view of Pakenham Windmill Open 15 Intermediate
100448Teig BradW Teignmouth Beach Life Open 15 Intermediate
100465Wasp Andy Sands Wasp drinking Open 20 President's Cup Intermediate
100479Powe Ron Beattie Power Grid Open 14 Intermediate
100485Holy Raymond Lofthouse Holy Week procession Open 16 Intermediate
100492Set Sarah Sands Set in Sand Stone Open 19 Intermediate
100493Walk Bill Cooper St Martins Place Open 19 Intermediate