CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

De Havilland Cup Print 2015 Competition 0 - De Havilland Cup
Judge - Allan (Aussie) Thompson Date - 11/05/2016
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Entrant Total Open Entrant Class
Raj Haran 67 67 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 66 66 Intermediate
John Hyde 72 72 Intermediate
Chris Skinner 71 71 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 73 73 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 68 68 Intermediate
Val Beattie 64 64 Intermediate
Andy Sands 74 74 Intermediate
Ariaan Winter 67 67 Intermediate
John Clark 72 72 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101Eile Raj Haran Eilean donan castle Open 17 Intermediate
100102Blea Ron Beattie Blea Tarn Fence Open 17 Intermediate
100103Bay John Hyde Bay Resort Open 18 Intermediate
100104Mist Chris Skinner Misty waters Open 19 Intermediate
100105Hard Bill Cooper Hard Time Collecting Open 17 Intermediate
100106Man Stuart Brocklebank Man of the Lion Contrada Open 18 Intermediate
100107Boat Val Beattie Boats at Lyme Regis Open 15 Intermediate
100108Leaf Andy Sands Leaf cutter bee carrying leaf Open 19 Intermediate
100109Cove Ariaan Winter Coventry Cathedral Open 18 Intermediate
100110Last John Clark Last Bend Open 17 Intermediate
100201Firs Raj Haran First ray of light in Elvedon forest Open 16 Intermediate
100202East Ron Beattie Easter Eggs Open 16 Intermediate
100203Bell John Hyde Bell Tower Open 18 Intermediate
100204Race Chris Skinner Race Leader Open 20 Intermediate
100205Isol Bill Cooper Isolation Open 17 Intermediate
100206Mila Stuart Brocklebank Milan after Lowry Open 18 Intermediate
100207Mich Val Beattie Michael from St Ives Open 15 Intermediate
100208Mili Andy Sands Military orchid Open 19 Intermediate
100209Lake Ariaan Winter Lake Reflections Open 14 Intermediate
100210Numb John Clark Number 15 Open 16 Intermediate
100301Part Raj Haran Party girl Open 16 Intermediate
100302Mome Ron Beattie Moment on the Beach Open 17 Intermediate
100303Cant John Hyde Canterbury Side Street Open 17 Intermediate
100304Rota Chris Skinner Rotating Wind Light Open 16 Intermediate
100305On t Bill Cooper On the Colour Run Open 20 Intermediate
100306The Stuart Brocklebank The Belfry Open 15 Intermediate
100307Nott Val Beattie Nottingham City Hall Open 16 Intermediate
100308Stum Andy Sands Stump puffball realeasing spores Open 20 De Havilland Cup Intermediate
100309Sunl Ariaan Winter Sunlight Open 17 Intermediate
100310The John Clark The Tarn open 19 Intermediate
100401Rebe Raj Haran Rebecca Ferguson Open 18 Intermediate
100402Thro Ron Beattie Through the Ford Open 16 Intermediate
100403Wate John Hyde Waterfall Open 19 Intermediate
100404Sky Chris Skinner Sky Light Open 16 Intermediate
100405Rege Bill Cooper Regents Canal at Dusk Open 19 Intermediate
100406Towa Stuart Brocklebank Towards Glencoe Open 17 Intermediate
100407St P Val Beattie St Pancras Frieze Open 18 Intermediate
100408Whit Andy Sands White saddle fungus Open 16 Intermediate
100409The Ariaan Winter The Fire Escape Open 18 Intermediate
100410Tree John Clark Tree Lines Open 20 Intermediate