CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

NWFed 2008 Competition 2 - NWFed 2008 Round 2 at XRR
Judge - Les Spitz Date - 12/11/2008
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Entrant Total Digital Print Entrant Class
XRR 178 90 88 Intermediate
HAR 182 91 91 Intermediate
Ehhps 182 90 92 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
1000 XRR Ian Hooker Autumn Island Print 16 Intermediate
1001 HAR John Draper Fighting Wildebeest of the Masai Mara Print 19 Intermediate
1002 Ehhps Amanda Hodge Jurassic Coast Print 18 Intermediate
1003 XRR Bill Cooper The Old One Two Print 18 Intermediate
1004 HAR Frank West Riding The Waves Print 17 Intermediate
1005 Ehhps Mary Ward Paws For Thought Print 17 Intermediate
1006 HAR Stan McCartin Victorian Barman Print 17 Intermediate
1007 Ehhps Jon Hibberd Street Musician Print 19 Intermediate
1008 XRR Ian Hooker Lilac-Breasted Roller with Dung Beetle Print 16 Intermediate
1009 HAR Dave Martin Physalis Fruit Print 20 Starred Club
1010 Ehhps Amanda Hodge Sunrise, Peak District Print 18 Intermediate
1011 XRR Sarah Sands Colours of Neglect Print 18 Club
1012 HAR John Draper Glastonbury Hippie Print 18 Intermediate
1013 Ehhps Jim Nemer Exotic Bird Print 20 Intermediate
1014 XRR Andy Sands Kingfisher Print 20 Starred Intermediate
1015 Ehhps Oren Maor Go Make Your Own Dinner Digital 20 Starred Intermediate
1016 XRR Bill Cooper Pegasus Digital 19 Starred Intermediate
1017 HAR Bill Greenwood Daniel Digital 18 Intermediate
1018 Ehhps Phil Dean It Looks Like Rain Digital 16 Intermediate
1019 XRR Stuart Brocklebank Going Going Digital 17 Intermediate
1020 HAR Dave Martin Frosty Morning Digital 19 Intermediate
1021 Ehhps Ian Miller Bathe In Peace Digital 17 Intermediate
1022 XRR Raymond Lofthouse Two Islands B Digital 18 Intermediate
1023 HAR Dave Martin Gladioli Digital 18 Intermediate
1024 XRR Sarah Sands Mid Summer Lights Dream Digital 19 Intermediate
1025 HAR Bill Greenwood Power Boat Racing Digital 17 Intermediate
1026 Ehhps Mike Lloyd Smile Digital 18 Intermediate
1027 HAR Celia Clover Lions At Waterhole Digital 19 Intermediate
1028 XRR John Hyde Temple Door Digital 17 Intermediate
1029 Ehhps Mary Ward Keeping An Eye On Things Digital 19 Intermediate