CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

Std 2008 Competition 1 - Rosebowl Round 3
Judge - Les Spitz Date - 18/2/09
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Entrant Total Open Entrant Class
New City PS 260 260 Club
IMG 255 255 Club
XRR PS 277 277 Club
Chesham 262 262 Club



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
1000 New City PS IAN MELLOR after evensong Open 18 Club
1001 IMG Geoff Pyke Butterfly Open 17 Club
1002 XRR PS Ian Hooker Chief Boniface Open 19 Club
1003 Chesham Ray Franklin Kids in a shower Open 18 Club
1004 Chesham John Cox Flamingo Open 16 Club
1005 XRR PS Bill Cooper Festival Hall Balcony Open 18 Club
1006 IMG Chris Neill Eva02 Open 17 Club
1007 New City PS PETER LAWS bandleader Open 16 Club
1008 New City PS PAULA LEY beachlight Open 16 Club
1009 IMG ataberer Norway Lake Open 15 Club
1010 XRR PS Ron Beattie Gazania Pattern Open 16 Club
1011 Chesham John Harding Water Skier Open 18 Club
1012 Chesham Zoran Dimitrijevic Bovine Peace Open 17 Club
1013 XRR PS Stuart Brocklebank Going Going 2 Open 17 Club
1014 IMG Brian Worley Sunset Open 15 Club
1015 New City PS TRACY SIMPSON dave Open 16 Club
1016 New City PS PETER CLARKE energy Open 18 Club
1017 IMG James Corrin MagicFingers#6 Open 18 Club
1018 XRR PS Andy Sands Great Green Bush Cricket Open 19 Club
1019 Chesham Albert Braithwaite Canal Bridge Reflections Open 18 Club
1020 Chesham Ray Franklin Clown face Open 17 Club
1021 XRR PS Andy Sands Harvest Mice Open 20 Club
1022 IMG Julia Cleaver BroadBodiedChaser Open 20 Club
1023 New City PS TONY CRABTREE jenny-the look Open 18 Club
1024 New City PS COLIN MILL little red owl Open 16 Club
1025 IMG Chris Neill Traditional Open 17 Club
1026 XRR PS Mike Newman Inquisative Otter Open 19 Club
1027 Chesham Kathryn Collinson Pink Champagne Open 19 Club
1028 Chesham Geoff Walker Gum Tree Abstract Open 19 Club
1029 XRR PS Sarah Sands Mid Summer Lights Dream Open 18 Club
1030 IMG Brian Worley Theendoftheday#3 Open 15 Club
1031 New City PS TREVOR EVANS museum girl Open 18 Club
1032 New City PS IRENE CLARKE my old friend Open 19 Club
1033 IMG James Corrin Regrets#2 Open 20 Starred Club
1034 XRR PS Bill Cooper On Patrol, Tate Modern Open 20 Club
1035 Chesham Nigel Childs Pip the Vixon Open 16 Club
1036 Chesham Ray Franklin Kew Fountain Open 17 Club
1037 XRR PS Raymond Lofthouse orangutan Open 19 Club
1038 IMG Steve Page A room with a view Open 16 Club
1039 New City PS Tracy Simpson NEWTONS CRADLE Open 19 Club
1040 New City PS JENNY WATT potted frog Open 18 Club
1041 IMG Chris Neill Apple Open 17 Club
1042 XRR PS Bill Cooper Pegasus Open 19 Club
1043 Chesham Albert Braithwaite Loch Awe Open 18 Club
1044 Chesham John Harding Cormorant Open 17 Club
1045 XRR PS Ian Hooker Ruppells Griffon Vulture in Flight Open 17 Club
1046 IMG Julia Cleaver Porcelean Open 18 Club
1047 New City PS NIGEL LINDSELL the cricketers Open 16 Club
1048 New City PS SIMON RAYNOR the wreck of the helvetia Open 20 Club
1049 IMG Alan Walker Couple Open 15 Club
1050 XRR PS Ian Hooker Three to One Open 20 Starred Club
1051 Chesham Albert Braithwait The Presbytery Gloucester Cathedral Open 17 Club
1052 Chesham Mel Walker Kalamalka Lake Open 18 Club
1053 XRR PS Raymond Lofthouse Two Islands B Open 17 Club
1054 IMG Sally Kilpin Sweetnessandcurls Open 18 Club
1055 New City PS PETER HASSETT water skier Open 16 Club
1056 New City PS NEIL SCHOLFIELD where's bedford Open 16 Club
1057 IMG Mike Bean Who said my dad was fat Open 17 Club
1058 XRR PS Andy Sands Yellow Wagtail with Crane Flies Open 19 Club
1059 Chesham Albert Braithwaite View from Mount Cathedral Open 17 Club