CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

Std 2014 Competition 1 - Selection Committee
Judge - TBA Date - 05/11/14
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Entrant Total Open
Entrant Total Open Entrant Class
Andy Sands 3 3 Club
Ariaan Winter 6 6 Club
Bill Cooper 9 9 Club
Ian Hooker 12 12 Club
Mike Newman 15 15 Club
Raymond Lofthouse 18 18 Club
Ron Beattie 21 21 Club
Stuart Brocklebank 24 24 Club
Val Beattie 27 27 Club


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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
1000 No Club Andy Sands Anthophora bimaculata Open 1 Club
1001 No Club Andy Sands Burnet moth covered in dew Open 1 Club
1002 No Club Ariaan Winter bottles Open 2 Club
1003 No Club Ariaan Winter tulip staircase Open 2 Club
1004 No Club Bill Cooper Stair Crazy Open 3 Club
1005 No Club Bill Cooper Vanessa Haynes Open 3 Club
1006 No Club Ian Hooker Open Water Open 4 Club
1007 No Club Ian Hooker Three Pelicans Open 4 Club
1008 No Club Mike Newman Daybreak Open 5 Club
1009 No Club Mike Newman Foyer National Theatre Open 5 Club
1010 No Club Raymond Lofthouse Force and speed Open 6 Club
1011 No Club Raymond Lofthouse Saxophonist Open 6 Club
1012 No Club Ron Beattie Cumbrian Weather Open 7 Club
1013 No Club Ron Beattie Spring Yellow Open 7 Club
1014 No Club Stuart Brocklebank Dusty Work Open 8 Club
1015 No Club Stuart Brocklebank Stuart Brocklebank - Open - Curious Child Open 8 Club
1016 No Club Val Beattie Val Beattie - Set - Lyme Harbour Open 9 Club
1017 No Club Val Beattie Val Beattie - Set - Springtime in the Dales Open 9 Club
1018 No Club Andy Sands Hoverfly covered in dew Open 1 Club
1019 No Club Ariaan Winter Lily Open 2 Club
1020 No Club Bill Cooper The Biker Open 3 Club
1021 No Club Ian Hooker Tin Cup Open 4 Club
1022 No Club Mike Newman At Speed Open 5 Club
1023 No Club Raymond Lofthouse The eyes have it Open 6 Club
1024 No Club Ron Beattie Morecambe Bay Open 7 Club
1025 No Club Stuart Brocklebank Off to Work Open 8 Club
1026 No Club Val Beattie Val Beattie - Open - Sunset Fisherman Open 9 Club