CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

Visions 2015 Competition 1 - Visions
Judge - Barrie Hatten DPAGB Date - 18/11/2015
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Entrant Total Open Tie Break Entrant Class
WATFORD CC 151 101 50 Club
XRR PS 155 104 51 Intermediate
HARROW CC 161 107 54 Open
WYCOMBE PS 156 103 53 Intermediate
HARPENDEN PS 157 105 52 Club
No Club 2199 1480 719 Club
HODDESDON CC 146 99 47 Club
PINNER CC 155 105 50 Club
NEW CITY PS 143 96 47 Club
PARK STREET CC 143 96 47 Club
AMERSHAM PS 144 101 43 Club
BUCKINGHAM CC 143 96 47 Club


Entrant Total Open Tie Break Entrant Class
Martin Patten 52 34 18 Club
Andy Sands 60 40 20 Intermediate
Dave Martin 53 34 19 Open
Teresa Hehir 53 34 19 Intermediate
Paul Johnson 53 35 18 Club
Stephen Miller 51 34 17 Club
Dave Cromack 50 32 18 Club
Alison Jenkins LRPS 51 34 17 Club
Jaffer Bhimji LRPS 45 30 15 Club
Prashant Meswani 49 35 14 Club
Michael Lurie 51 34 17 Club
Chris Andrews 53 37 16 Club
John Hyde 46 31 15 Club
Dave Hipperson 44 29 15 Club
Paul Raynor 50 36 14 Club
Jim Waddington 48 32 16 Club
Judy Buckley-Sharp 47 32 15 Club
Peter Polkinghorne 44 30 14 Club
Simon Raynor 47 30 17 Club
Simon Jenkins LRPS 52 35 17 Club
Geoff Buckland 51 34 17 Club
David Harris 52 34 18 Intermediate
Amy Tingay 49 34 15 Club
Raymond Lofthouse 46 32 14 Club
Mark Buckley-Sharp 45 31 14 Club
Peter Whitehead 48 33 15 Club
Roger Stelfox 52 36 16 Club
Malcolm Jenkins 56 37 19 Club
John Jennings 46 32 14 Club
Jan Harris 51 35 16 Intermediate
Sue Hipperson 47 31 16 Club
Allan Marshall 44 31 13 Club
Neil Schofield 52 32 20 Club
Patrick Linford 48 31 17 Club
Colin Mill 47 34 13 Club
Connie Fitzgerald 47 31 16 Club
Alan Colegrave 54 35 19 Club
Stephen Tucker 46 31 15 Club
Chris Skinner 48 34 14 Club
Anne Parry 51 31 20 Club
Stan McCartin 45 31 14 Club
Gillian Morgan 50 36 14 Open
Jacqueline Wharton 45 29 16 Club
Adrian Court LRPS 48 33 15 Club
Paul Needham 47 32 15 Club
Carrie Eva 50 34 16 Club
Julia Wainwright 58 39 19 Open
Rod Eva 49 33 16 Club
Craig Poltock 44 30 14 Club
Iain Morrison 52 33 19 Club
Michael Kitchingman 47 32 15 Club
Tom Knowles 47 30 17 Club
John Credland 45 29 16 Club
Jamie White 49 32 17 Club
Phil Janes LRPS 43 30 13 Club
Mike Newman 44 30 14 Club
Linda Court 48 33 15 Club
Terry Day LRPS 49 34 15 Club
Geoff Einon 49 30 19 Club
Bill Cooper 47 31 16 Intermediate
Don Lanstone LRPS AFIAP 48 33 15 Open
Richard Wilson 49 33 16 Club
Les Spitz 52 35 17 Club
Peter Silver 48 33 15 Club
Sally Kitchingman 48 32 16 Club
Stuart Brocklebank 47 32 15 Club
Bob Soames 56 36 20 Club
Tim Gould 50 34 16 Club
Steve Bailey 45 31 14 Club
Caroline Bourne 46 33 13 Club
Ron Beattie 45 31 14 Club
John Wood 48 33 15 Intermediate
Yin Wong 46 32 14 Open
Nick Steadman 49 33 16 Club
Ian Mellor ARPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE4 46 32 14 Club
Donna Howard 46 29 17 Club
Avril Candler 50 35 15 Club
Judith Gimber 50 30 20 Club
Tony Chivers 48 35 13 Club
Paul Keene 55 37 18 Club
Peter Spring 43 29 14 Club
John Draper 50 34 16 Open


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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101Rat WATFORD CC Martin Patten Rat Catcher Tie Break 18 Club
100102Leaf XRR PS Andy Sands Leaf Cutter Bee Carrying Leaf Tie Break 20 Intermediate
100103Dew HARROW CC Dave Martin Dew on Pasque Flower and Ladybird Tie Break 19 Open
100104Barn WYCOMBE PS Teresa Hehir Barn Owl Over Wheat Tie Break 19 Intermediate
100105Thre HARPENDEN PS Paul Johnson Three by Three Crosby Beach Tie Break 18 Club
100106Vint No Club Stephen Miller Vintage Journey Tie Break 17 Club
100107Kirk LEIGHTON BUZZARD PC Dave Cromack Kirkjufell Tie Break 18 Club
100108Stic HODDESDON CC Alison Jenkins LRPS Stick em up Tie Break 17 Club
100109Lave No Club Jaffer Bhimji LRPS Lavender Pickers Tie Break 15 Club
100110Emot No Club Prashant Meswani Emotional Scars Tie Break 14 Club
100111Stud PINNER CC Michael Lurie Studying the Koran Tie Break 17 Club
100112Mirr No Club Chris Andrews Mirror Lake Tie Break 16 Club
100113Rio No Club John Hyde Rio Tie Break 15 Club
100114Host No Club Dave Hipperson Hostile Environment Tie Break 15 Club
100115The No Club Paul Raynor The Chase Tie Break 14 Club
100116A Wa No Club Jim Waddington A Walk in the Wet Tie Break 16 Club
100117Chih No Club Judy Buckley-Sharp Chihuli Mono Tie Break 15 Club
100118Desc No Club Peter Polkinghorne Descending Lights Tie Break 14 Club
100119Oslo NEW CITY PS Simon Raynor Oslo Opera House Tie Break 17 Club
100120Red HODDESDON CC Simon Jenkins LRPS Red Kite Fishing Tie Break 17 Club
100121Moon No Club Geoff Buckland Moon Boots Tie Break 17 Club
100122Wint WYCOMBE PS David Harris Winter Trees Tie Break 18 Intermediate
100123Kaya LEIGHTON BUZZARD PC Amy Tingay Kayaking at Night Tie Break 15 Club
100124Musk No Club Raymond Lofthouse Muskets on the Beach Tie Break 14 Club
100125Gala No Club Mark Buckley-Sharp Galata Fishing Tie Break 14 Club
100126Shad HARPENDEN PS Peter Whitehead Shadowlands Tie Break 15 Club
100127Dung PINNER CC Roger Stelfox Dungeness, Storm over Wrecks Tie Break 16 Club
100128Kids HARPENDEN PS Malcolm Jenkins Kids from Namib Tie Break 19 Club
100129Is i No Club John Jennings Is it this Way to Wonderland Tie Break 14 Club
100130Shel WYCOMBE PS Jan Harris Shelter Tie Break 16 Intermediate
100131Bott PARK STREET CC Sue Hipperson Bottle and Two Glasses Tie Break 16 Club
100132Crom No Club Allan Marshall Cromer Pier at Dawn Tie Break 13 Club
100133Hitc No Club Neil Schofield Hitching a Lift Tie Break 20 Club
100134Flow LEIGHTON BUZZARD PC Patrick Linford Flower Girl Tie Break 17 Club
100135Last NEW CITY PS Colin Mill Last Light on Llanddwyn Lighthouse Tie Break 13 Club
100136Wait PARK STREET CC Connie Fitzgerald Waiting Room Tie Break 16 Club
100137Thro No Club Alan Colegrave Through the Tyres Tough Guy Race Tie Break 19 Club
100138Sunr No Club Stephen Tucker Sunrise over the Menai Straights Tie Break 15 Club
100139Stor No Club Chris Skinner Storm Ahead Tie Break 14 Club
100140A Sw No Club Anne Parry A Swan or Just Driftwood Tie Break 20 Club
100141Nort No Club Stan McCartin Northumberland Morning Tie Break 14 Club
100142Morn AMERSHAM PS Gillian Morgan Morning Glory Southwold Tie Break 14 Open
100143The No Club Jacqueline Wharton The Cricket Match Tie Break 16 Club
100144Brig BUCKINGHAM CC Adrian Court LRPS Bright Green Tie Break 15 Club
100145Autu No Club Paul Needham Autumn Walk Tie Break 15 Club
100146Comm WATFORD CC Carrie Eva Common Toad Tie Break 16 Club
100147Thom HARROW CC Julia Wainwright Thompsons Gazelle On The Run Tie Break 19 Open
100148Skog No Club Rod Eva Skogafoss Tie Break 16 Club
100149Beyo No Club Craig Poltock Beyond Corridors Tie Break 14 Club
100150Homa No Club Iain Morrison Homage to Eugene Robery Richee Tie Break 19 Club
100151Hard No Club Michael Kitchingman Hardraw Force Tie Break 15 Club
100152Elep BUCKINGHAM CC Tom Knowles Elephant in the Living Room Tie Break 17 Club
100153Adag No Club John Credland Adagio Tie Break 16 Club
100154Spac NEW CITY PS Jamie White Spacewalk Tie Break 17 Club
100155Deso HODDESDON CC Phil Janes LRPS Desolate Tie Break 13 Club
100156Trav No Club Mike Newman Traversing The Dome Tie Break 14 Club
100157Mill BUCKINGHAM CC Linda Court Millennium Bridge Tie Break 15 Club
100158At t PARK STREET CC Terry Day LRPS At the Fair Tie Break 15 Club
100159Red No Club Geoff Einon Red Devils Display Team Tie Break 19 Club
100160No B XRR PS Bill Cooper No Band Today Tie Break 16 Intermediate
100161Foll AMERSHAM PS Don Lanstone LRPS AFIAP Follow Me Tie Break 15 Open
100162Ghos WATFORD CC Richard Wilson Ghostly Tie Break 16 Club
100163Oran PINNER CC Les Spitz Oranutang Contemplating Captivity Tie Break 17 Club
100164Stop No Club Peter Silver Stop Tie Break 15 Club
100165Busk No Club Sally Kitchingman Busker Tie Break 16 Club
100166Tuba No Club Stuart Brocklebank Tuba Reflections Tie Break 15 Club
100167Octo No Club Bob Soames Octopus Gathering its Clam Shells Tie Break 20 Club
100168Nort No Club Tim Gould Northern Light Tie Break 16 Club
100169Defe No Club Steve Bailey Defend Tie Break 14 Club
100170Sunb No Club Caroline Bourne Sunbathing Walrus Tie Break 13 Club
100171Blea No Club Ron Beattie Blea Tarn Tie Break 14 Club
100172Unco XRR PS John Wood Unconditional Love Tie Break 15 Intermediate
100173Eura AMERSHAM PS Yin Wong Eurasian Lynx Tie Break 14 Open
100174Symm No Club Nick Steadman Symmetrical Perfection Tie Break 16 Club
100175Blac No Club Ian Mellor ARPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE4 Black and White Tie Break 14 Club
100176Poli No Club Donna Howard Politie Tie Break 17 Club
100177Trun No Club Avril Candler Trunk Call for Baby Tie Break 15 Club
100178The No Club Judith Gimber The Rivals Tie Break 20 Club
100179Slow No Club Tony Chivers Slow Down Tie Break 13 Club
100180Blac No Club Paul Keene Black-winged Stilts Embrace Tie Break 18 Club
100181Just No Club Peter Spring Just Another Coffee Tie Break 14 Club
100182Grey HARROW CC John Draper Grey Seals in Sand Storm Tie Break 16 Open
200101Door WATFORD CC Martin Patten Doorman Open 17 Club
200102Bee XRR PS Andy Sands Bee Orchid Open 20 Intermediate
200103Snow HARROW CC Dave Martin Snowdon Range Open 16 Open
200104Bear WYCOMBE PS Teresa Hehir Bear and Waterfall Open 15 Intermediate
200105A Ro HARPENDEN PS Paul Johnson A Room with a View De La Warr Pavilion Open 17 Club
200106Patr No Club Stephen Miller Patrouille de France Open 16 Club
200107Birc LEIGHTON BUZZARD PC Dave Cromack Birch in Autumn Squall Open 14 Club
200108Barn HODDESDON CC Alison Jenkins LRPS Barn Owl Tyto Alba Open 17 Club
200109Chil No Club Jaffer Bhimji LRPS Chilling in London Open 15 Club
200110Low No Club Prashant Meswani Low Key Ballet Open 16 Club
200111Noon PINNER CC Michael Lurie Noon Arctic Circle Open 16 Club
200112Eyes No Club Chris Andrews Eyes Down Open 18 Club
200113Blue No Club John Hyde Bluebell Wood Open 15 Club
200114Man No Club Dave Hipperson Man and Flying Machine Open 15 Club
200115Flyi No Club Paul Raynor Flying High Open 16 Club
200116Mode No Club Jim Waddington Modern Youth Open 17 Club
200117The No Club Judy Buckley-Sharp The Hanger Open 16 Club
200118Amar No Club Peter Polkinghorne Amaryllis Contre Jour Open 14 Club
200119Ha L NEW CITY PS Simon Raynor Ha Long Bay Open 15 Club
200120The HODDESDON CC Simon Jenkins LRPS The 60007 at Night Open 18 Club
200121Autu No Club Geoff Buckland Autumn Jetty Open 14 Club
200122A lo WYCOMBE PS David Harris A Long Day on the Surf Open 16 Intermediate
200123Ball LEIGHTON BUZZARD PC Amy Tingay Balloon from Above Open 16 Club
200124Bloo No Club Raymond Lofthouse Blood Moon Rising Open 15 Club
200125Carn No Club Mark Buckley-Sharp Carnival Enthusiast Open 15 Club
200126Arct HARPENDEN PS Peter Whitehead Arctic Fox Open 19 Club
200127Bath PINNER CC Roger Stelfox Bathing Crane Open 18 Club
200128Brok HARPENDEN PS Malcolm Jenkins Broken Violin Open 20 Club
200129Fait No Club John Jennings Faith in a Hat Open 16 Club
200130Buck WYCOMBE PS Jan Harris Buckled Ice Stortinden Open 15 Intermediate
200131Last PARK STREET CC Sue Hipperson Last of The Light Open 13 Club
200132Sunr No Club Allan Marshall Sunrise at Cromer Open 14 Club
200133Call No Club Neil Schofield Callanish Open 16 Club
200134I Ca LEIGHTON BUZZARD PC Patrick Linford I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Open 14 Club
200135Seaf NEW CITY PS Colin Mill Seaford Coastguard Cottages Open 16 Club
200136Cras PARK STREET CC Connie Fitzgerald Crashing Waterfall Open 14 Club
200137Goin No Club Alan Colegrave Going to Work Open 17 Club
200138Stre No Club Stephen Tucker Street Seller Open 17 Club
200139St E No Club Chris Skinner St Elmo's Fire Open 16 Club
200140Appl No Club Anne Parry Appledore Sunset Open 14 Club
200141Red No Club Stan McCartin Red Bike Open 15 Club
200142On t AMERSHAM PS Gillian Morgan On the Edge of the Ice Open 19 Open
200143The No Club Jacqueline Wharton The Turquoise Wall Open 13 Club
200144Deep BUCKINGHAM CC Adrian Court LRPS Deep Underground Open 17 Club
200145Read No Club Paul Needham Ready to Fly Open 16 Club
200146Eagl WATFORD CC Carrie Eva Eagle Open 16 Club
200147King HARROW CC Julia Wainwright Kingfisher Takeoff Open 19 Open
200148Puma No Club Rod Eva Puma Stare Open 16 Club
200149Cont No Club Craig Poltock Contemplating Open 14 Club
200150Merm No Club Iain Morrison Mermaid at the Beach Open 16 Club
200151Sepi No Club Michael Kitchingman Sepia Structure Open 15 Club
200152Lant BUCKINGHAM CC Tom Knowles Lantic Bay Self Portrait Open 15 Club
200153Fant No Club John Credland Fantasy and Reality Open 16 Club
200154Oude NEW CITY PS Jamie White Oudemansiella Mucida Open 17 Club
200155Top HODDESDON CC Phil Janes LRPS Top of the World Open 14 Club
200156Bird No Club Mike Newman Birds Eye View Open 15 Club
200157Cont BUCKINGHAM CC Linda Court Contemplation Open 17 Club
200158Brid PARK STREET CC Terry Day LRPS Bridge Impression Open 17 Club
200159A Ga No Club Geoff Einon A Gathering Storm Open 15 Club
200160Firs XRR PS Bill Cooper First Class Open 15 Intermediate
200161Bald AMERSHAM PS Don Lanstone LRPS AFIAP Bald Eagle Open 18 Open
200162Care WATFORD CC Richard Wilson Carew Castle Open 15 Club
200163Red PINNER CC Les Spitz Red Arrow Corkscrew Open 19 Club
200164Cros No Club Peter Silver Crossing the Stairs Open 15 Club
200165Effi No Club Sally Kitchingman Effigies Open 17 Club
200166Angl No Club Stuart Brocklebank Anglesey Barracks Snowdonia Open 16 Club
200167Bene No Club Bob Soames Beneath a Shoal of Silversides Open 17 Club
200168Stee No Club Tim Gould Steelwork Open 16 Club
200169Park No Club Steve Bailey Parkland Flood Open 13 Club
200170Taki No Club Caroline Bourne Taking A Dip Open 17 Club
200171Rave No Club Ron Beattie Ravenglass and Eskdale Open 15 Club
200172Deep XRR PS John Wood Deep in Thought Open 16 Intermediate
200173Kitt AMERSHAM PS Yin Wong Kitty Emola and Dog 2 Open 14 Open
200174Dako No Club Nick Steadman Dakota In Low Key Open 13 Club
200175Broa No Club Ian Mellor ARPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE4 Broadway Tower Open 15 Club
200176Brid No Club Donna Howard Bridge over the Thames Open 14 Club
200177Swee No Club Avril Candler Sweet Pea Open 19 Club
200178Forc No Club Judith Gimber Forces of Nature Open 14 Club
200179Slow No Club Tony Chivers Slow Burn Open 18 Club
200180Gree No Club Paul Keene Greenfinches Fighting Open 20 Club
200181Cody No Club Peter Spring Cody Landscape Open 15 Club
200182Hang HARROW CC John Draper Hanging On Open 17 Open
200201Red WATFORD CC Martin Patten Red Plymouth Open 17 Club
200202Wasp XRR PS Andy Sands Wasp Spider with Prey Open 20 Intermediate
200203Wint HARROW CC Dave Martin Winter Fields Open 18 Open
200204Runn WYCOMBE PS Teresa Hehir Running Wolf Open 19 Intermediate
200205Torr HARPENDEN PS Paul Johnson Torridon Tree Open 18 Club
200206The No Club Stephen Miller The French Lieutenant's Woman Open 18 Club
200207In t LEIGHTON BUZZARD PC Dave Cromack In the Beginning Open 18 Club
200208Puff HODDESDON CC Alison Jenkins LRPS Puffin Landing Fratercula Arctica Open 17 Club
200209Fisc No Club Jaffer Bhimji LRPS Fischer Turaco Open 15 Club
200210Male No Club Prashant Meswani Male Kestrel Open 19 Club
200211Soss PINNER CC Michael Lurie Sossusvlei Namibia Open 18 Club
200212The No Club Chris Andrews The Lighted Way Open 19 Club
200213Such No Club John Hyde Such Fun Open 16 Club
200214Stal No Club Dave Hipperson Stalker Castle Open 14 Club
200215Purp No Club Paul Raynor Purple Petal Open 20 Club
200216Park No Club Jim Waddington Parked in the Wet Open 15 Club
200217Vigi No Club Judy Buckley-Sharp Vigilant Open 16 Club
200218Down No Club Peter Polkinghorne Downhill Open 16 Club
200219Unde NEW CITY PS Simon Raynor Under the Light Open 15 Club
200220Wall HODDESDON CC Simon Jenkins LRPS Wallowing Deer Open 17 Club
200221Work No Club Geoff Buckland Working Late in London Open 20 Club
200222Auro WYCOMBE PS David Harris Aurora and Shooting Stars Open 18 Intermediate
200223Tull LEIGHTON BUZZARD PC Amy Tingay Tullio Lombardos Adam Open 18 Club
200224Conf No Club Raymond Lofthouse Confucias He Say Open 17 Club
200225Red No Club Mark Buckley-Sharp Red Head Open 16 Club
200226Squa HARPENDEN PS Peter Whitehead Squall Open 14 Club
200227Rain PINNER CC Roger Stelfox Raining at Rosehill Jump Open 18 Club
200228Owl HARPENDEN PS Malcolm Jenkins Owl Eyes Open 17 Club
200229It's No Club John Jennings It's a Long Story Open 16 Club
200230Wint WYCOMBE PS Jan Harris Winter Dawn Open 20 Intermediate
200231You PARK STREET CC Sue Hipperson You Looking at Me Open 18 Club
200232Wood No Club Allan Marshall Wood Henge at Thornham Open 17 Club
200233Loch No Club Neil Schofield Lochside Sunset Open 16 Club
200234Mode LEIGHTON BUZZARD PC Patrick Linford Modern Living Open 17 Club
200235Stal NEW CITY PS Colin Mill Stalker Sunset Stormclouds Open 18 Club
200236Mill PARK STREET CC Connie Fitzgerald Milling Open 17 Club
200237Zomb No Club Alan Colegrave Zombie Coffe Break Open 18 Club
200238Suns No Club Stephen Tucker Sunset Beach Open 14 Club
200239Time No Club Chris Skinner Time Traveller Open 18 Club
200240Stag No Club Anne Parry Stag in Richmond Park Open 17 Club
200241Stre No Club Stan McCartin Street Performer Open 16 Club
200242Wate AMERSHAM PS Gillian Morgan Water and Ice Open 17 Open
200243The No Club Jacqueline Wharton The Washing Line Open 16 Club
200244X-Fi BUCKINGHAM CC Adrian Court LRPS X-Fighter Bridge Open 16 Club
200245Read No Club Paul Needham Ready to Launch Open 16 Club
200246Nort WATFORD CC Carrie Eva Northern Lights Open 18 Club
200247Mall HARROW CC Julia Wainwright Mallard Striking a Pose Open 20 Open
200248Swan No Club Rod Eva Swans of Brugge Open 17 Club
200249Miss No Club Craig Poltock Missing Ghost Open 16 Club
200250The No Club Iain Morrison The Girl in the Bobble Hat Open 17 Club
200251Wait No Club Michael Kitchingman Waiting For Orders Open 17 Club
200252Orga BUCKINGHAM CC Tom Knowles Organic and Synthetic Electromagnetic Contact Open 15 Club
200253Gran No Club John Credland Grandad on the Hog Open 13 Club
200254The NEW CITY PS Jamie White The Lake Has Eyes Open 15 Club
200255Wark HODDESDON CC Phil Janes LRPS Warkworth Bridge Open 16 Club
200256Conn No Club Mike Newman Connections Open 15 Club
200257Time BUCKINGHAM CC Linda Court Time for a Meeting Open 16 Club
200258Oxfo PARK STREET CC Terry Day LRPS Oxford Open 17 Club
200259St A No Club Geoff Einon St Albans Cathedral Open 15 Club
200260Got XRR PS Bill Cooper Got You Open 16 Intermediate
200261Gint AMERSHAM PS Don Lanstone LRPS AFIAP Gintare Hair Open 15 Open
200262Osca WATFORD CC Richard Wilson Oscar's Flames Open 18 Club
200263Refl PINNER CC Les Spitz Reflections in the Bean Open 16 Club
200264The No Club Peter Silver The Look Open 18 Club
200265On P No Club Sally Kitchingman On Parade Open 15 Club
200266The No Club Stuart Brocklebank The Sadler Open 16 Club
200267Clow No Club Bob Soames Clownfish in the Protection of Anemone Open 19 Club
200268The No Club Tim Gould The Watchtower Open 18 Club
200269Wait No Club Steve Bailey Waiting Open 18 Club
200270Zodi No Club Caroline Bourne Zodiac Cruising Open 16 Club
200271Stor No Club Ron Beattie Stormy Sunset Open 16 Club
200272Fros XRR PS John Wood Frosty Morning in Cassiobury Park Open 17 Intermediate
200273Rail AMERSHAM PS Yin Wong Railway Platform 5 Open 18 Open
200274The No Club Nick Steadman The One That Got Away Open 20 Club
200275Silk No Club Ian Mellor ARPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE4 Silk to Silhouette Open 17 Club
200276Tedd No Club Donna Howard Teddy Open 15 Club
200277Youn No Club Avril Candler Young Grey Heron Portrait Open 16 Club
200278On t No Club Judith Gimber On the Lookout Open 16 Club
200279Snow No Club Tony Chivers Snow Storm Open 17 Club
200280Grey No Club Paul Keene Grey Heron Landing Open 17 Club
200281The No Club Peter Spring The River Tyne Open 14 Club
200282Stor HARROW CC John Draper Stormy Weather Open 17 Open