CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2007 Competition 6 - Still Life
Judge - Barbara Lyddiat Date - 19/3/08
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Ariaan Winter 48 15 33 Intermediate (Now)
Stuart Brocklebank 47 15 32 Intermediate (Now)
Chris Keen 33 17 16 Intermediate (Now)
John Wood 55 18 37 Intermediate (Now)
Martin Malone 48 16 32 Intermediate (Now)
Matt Auld 49 14 35 Intermediate (Now)
Sarah Sands 54 18 36 Intermediate (Now)
Val Beattie 47 15 32 Intermediate (Now)
Bill Cooper 54 16 38 Intermediate (Now)
Ian Hooker 51 18 33 Intermediate (Now)
Derek Pritchard 52 17 35 Intermediate (Now)
John Hyde 51 18 33 Intermediate (Now)
Ron Beattie 52 15 37 Intermediate (Now)
Raymond Lofthouse 54 17 37 Intermediate (Now)
Rita Pritchard 48 16 32 Intermediate (Now)
Mike Newman 55 19 36 Intermediate (Now)
Andy Sands 39 0 39 Intermediate (Now)
Raj Haran 33 0 33 Intermediate (Now)
Rita Keen 32 0 32 Intermediate (Now)



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
1100glas Ariaan Winter glass cuttings and bubblewrap set 15 Intermediate (Now)
1108Romn Stuart Brocklebank Romneya Set 15 Intermediate (Now)
1129Boot Chris Keen Boot Set 17 Intermediate (Now)
1130Gerb John Wood Gerbera Set 18 Intermediate (Now)
1132I Ha Martin Malone I Hate Still Life Set 16 Intermediate (Now)
1141TTV Matt Auld TTV Cherry Tomatoes Set 14 Intermediate (Now)
1142Sats Sarah Sands Satsuma Segments Set 18 Intermediate (Now)
1150Kew Val Beattie Kew Glass Set 15 Intermediate (Now)
1151Look Bill Cooper Looking, Magnifying and Drinking set 16 Intermediate (Now)
1155Its Ian Hooker Its Still Life Jim But Not As We Know It Set 18 Intermediate (Now)
1161Horn Derek Pritchard Horny Devil Set 17 Intermediate (Now)
1166Dess John Hyde Dessert Wine Set 18 Intermediate (Now)
1174Teas Ron Beattie Teasel and Feathers Set 15 Intermediate (Now)
1175Hear Raymond Lofthouse Heart of the flower Set 17 Intermediate (Now)
1176My L Rita Pritchard My Love Set 16 Intermediate (Now)
1185Shoe Mike Newman Shoes & Trees Set 19 Intermediate (Now)
2100land Ariaan Winter landscape ploughed open 17 Intermediate (Now)
2108Foun Stuart Brocklebank Fountain Open 16 Intermediate (Now)
2112Gold Andy Sands Goldfinch among Blackthorn Blossom Open 19 Intermediate (Now)
2119Litt Raj Haran Little Kate Open 16 Intermediate (Now)
2129Wind Chris Keen Window Open 16 Intermediate (Now)
2130Ever John Wood Ever Decreasing Circles Open 19 Intermediate (Now)
2132GLA Martin Malone GLA Building Open 16 Intermediate (Now)
2141Boke Matt Auld Bokeh Waterbuck Open 16 Intermediate (Now)
2142Shad Sarah Sands Shades of Iris Open 18 Intermediate (Now)
2150Picn Val Beattie Picnic Open 16 Intermediate (Now)
2151Fest Bill Cooper Festival Hall Balcony open 20 Intermediate (Now)
2155Oh t Ian Hooker Oh to be 40 years younger Open 16 Intermediate (Now)
2161Rose Derek Pritchard Roselin Open 17 Intermediate (Now)
2166Ging John Hyde Ginger Cats Open 17 Intermediate (Now)
2174Jive Ron Beattie Jive Open 20 Intermediate (Now)
2175Hove Raymond Lofthouse Hoverfly Open 18 Intermediate (Now)
2176Chin Rita Pritchard Chinese Dragon Open 17 Intermediate (Now)
2178 Bal Rita Keen Ball & Chain Open 17 Intermediate (Now)
2185Wint Mike Newman Winter Frost Open 18 Intermediate (Now)
2200pier Ariaan Winter pier in mist open 16 Intermediate (Now)
2208Otte Stuart Brocklebank Otters Open 16 Intermediate (Now)
2212Robi Andy Sands Robin singing Open 20 Intermediate (Now)
2219Morg Raj Haran Morgan Open 17 Intermediate (Now)
2230Seen John Wood Seen better days Open 18 Intermediate (Now)
2232Spea Martin Malone Speakers Corner Open 16 Intermediate (Now)
2241Shar Matt Auld Sharjah Junction Open 19 Intermediate (Now)
2242The Sarah Sands The Bend in the River Open 18 Intermediate (Now)
2250Terr Val Beattie Terraced Garden Open 16 Intermediate (Now)
2251Muse Bill Cooper Museums are Fun open 18 Intermediate (Now)
2255Wire Ian Hooker Wire Wheel Open 17 Intermediate (Now)
2261Wind Derek Pritchard Windsurfing Open 18 Intermediate (Now)
2266Orch John Hyde Orchid Open 16 Intermediate (Now)
2274Wast Ron Beattie Wast Water Scree Open 17 Intermediate (Now)
2275Tota Raymond Lofthouse Total lunar eclipse Open 19 Intermediate (Now)
2276Towe Rita Pritchard Tower Bridge Open 15 Intermediate (Now)
2278Shel Rita Keen Shell Open 15 Intermediate (Now)
2285Work Mike Newman Work in Progress Open 18 Intermediate (Now)