CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2008 Competition 3 - Person(s) at Work or Play
Judge - Ian Shaw LRPS Date - 1/12/2008
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Bill Cooper 54 20 34 Intermediate
Matt Auld 46 14 32 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 53 18 35 Intermediate
John Hyde 52 17 35 Intermediate
John Wood 52 16 36 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 50 17 33 Intermediate
Martin Malone 47 16 31 Intermediate
Ariaan Winter 50 15 35 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 52 15 37 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 55 19 36 Intermediate
Sarah Sands 53 17 36 Intermediate
Val Beattie 50 16 34 Intermediate
Mike Newman 54 17 37 Intermediate
Frank Williams 32 0 32 Intermediate
Andy Sands 37 0 37 Intermediate
Mark Crowley 15 0 15 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
1100New Bill Cooper New Age Britannia set 20 Best in Class Intermediate
1106Herd Matt Auld Herdsman in the Thar Desert Set 14 Intermediate
1111Devi Ron Beattie Devil's Bridge Set 18 Intermediate
1119City John Hyde City Dancer Set 17 Intermediate
1123Wemb John Wood Wembley dreams shattered Set 16 Intermediate
1129Mich Stuart Brocklebank Michelham Blacksmith Set 17 Intermediate
1130Prin Martin Malone Princess at Play Set 16 Intermediate
1139red, Ariaan Winter red, white and blue set 15 Intermediate
1150Coff Raymond Lofthouse Coffee Time Set 15 Intermediate
1154One Ian Hooker One Man in a Boat Set 19 Intermediate
1156Lara Sarah Sands Lara The Cook Set 17 Intermediate
1185Dry Val Beattie Dry Stone Waller Set 16 Intermediate
1196Nose Mike Newman Nose Job Set 17 Intermediate
2100Gall Bill Cooper Gallery Window open 16 Intermediate
2104Just Frank Williams Just Married Open 15 Intermediate
2106Down Matt Auld Downpour Open 15 Intermediate
2111Red Ron Beattie Red Open 16 Intermediate
2113Gold Andy Sands Golden Plover Calling open 18 Intermediate
2119Chri John Hyde Christmas Cactus Open 18 Intermediate
2123Sele John Wood Selena Open 18 Intermediate
2129Refl Stuart Brocklebank Reflections of Autumn Open 17 Intermediate
2130Isab Martin Malone Isabella in Spring Open 15 Intermediate
2139blue Ariaan Winter blue boats open 20 Best In Show Intermediate
2150Perf Raymond Lofthouse Performing in the Park Open 17 Intermediate
2154Dust Ian Hooker Dusty Zebra Open 19 Intermediate
2156Cold Sarah Sands Cold Heart Open 17 Intermediate
2176The Mark Crowley The Musician in Full Voice Open 15 Intermediate
2185On t Val Beattie On the way to Autumn Open 16 Intermediate
2196Fenc Mike Newman Fenced Off Open 19 Intermediate
2200Pree Bill Cooper Preening Buzzard open 18 Intermediate
2204The Frank Williams The Bride Open 17 Intermediate
2206Litt Matt Auld Little India Open 17 Intermediate
2211The Ron Beattie The Pass Open 19 Intermediate
2213Grey Andy Sands Grey Squirrel open 19 Intermediate
2219Orch John Hyde Orchid buds Open 17 Intermediate
2223Uclu John Wood Ucluelet Fishing Boats Open 18 Intermediate
2229Remn Stuart Brocklebank Remnants Open 16 Intermediate
2230Mind Martin Malone Mindgames Open 16 Intermediate
2239blue Ariaan Winter blue pot open 15 Intermediate
2250Tang Raymond Lofthouse Tango Steps Open 20 Intermediate
2254What Ian Hooker What a Beatiful Landing Open 17 Intermediate
2256Smal Sarah Sands Small Copper Open 19 Intermediate
2285Vall Val Beattie Valley & Mountains Open 18 Intermediate
2296Red Mike Newman Red Deer Rut Open 18 Intermediate