CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2008 Competition 6 - Reflections
Judge - Mark Buckley-Sharp Date - 18/3/09
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
John Hyde 53 18 35 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 50 16 34 Intermediate
Martin Malone 51 17 34 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 51 20 31 Intermediate
Ariaan Winter 49 17 32 Intermediate
Mike Newman 56 18 38 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 54 18 36 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 53 20 33 Intermediate
Sarah Sands 55 17 38 Intermediate
Matt Auld 51 17 34 Intermediate
BradW 48 16 32 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 50 17 33 Intermediate
Val Beattie 52 19 33 Intermediate
John Wood 52 17 35 Intermediate
Andy Sands 39 0 39 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
1103US F John Hyde US Flag Set 18 Intermediate
1104Reed Raymond Lofthouse Reeds Set 16 Intermediate
1117Refl Martin Malone Reflections upon Liverpool Docks Set 17 Intermediate
1121Batt Stuart Brocklebank Battle Bridge Reflections Set 20 Intermediate
1122refl Ariaan Winter reflection set 17 Intermediate
1133 Elv Mike Newman Elvira Set 18 Intermediate
1137Wedd Bill Cooper Wedding Car, Parma Set 18 Intermediate
1143Rive Ron Beattie Riverbank Reflections Set 20 Intermediate
1150At L Sarah Sands At Low Tide Set 17 Intermediate
1160Ball Matt Auld Ball work Set 17 Intermediate
1161Cock BradW Cocktail Glasses Set 16 Intermediate
1174Egyp Ian Hooker Egyptian Geese Set 17 Intermediate
1177Refl Val Beattie Reflections in flame Set 19 Intermediate
1188Moun John Wood Mount Burgess Reflection Set 17 Intermediate
2103Deat John Hyde Death Camp Open 18 Intermediate
2104Jaca Raymond Lofthouse Jacana Open 18 Intermediate
2117Each Martin Malone Each one Teach one Open 18 Intermediate
2121Aaaa Stuart Brocklebank Aaaaaaah Open 16 Intermediate
2122reed Ariaan Winter reeds open 17 Intermediate
2133Orna Mike Newman Ornamentation Open 20 Intermediate
2137A Cl Bill Cooper A Close Friend open 18 Intermediate
2143Stea Ron Beattie Steam through the Dales Open 16 Intermediate
2150Adon Sarah Sands Adonis Blue Open 19 Intermediate
2160Gree Matt Auld Greedy swan Open 17 Intermediate
2161Frog BradW Frog at Corkscrew Swamp Open 15 Intermediate
2174Ally Ian Hooker Ally Pally Roof Open 15 Intermediate
2177Rain Val Beattie Rainbow Open 17 Intermediate
2180Cres Andy Sands Crested Tit Open 19 Intermediate
2188Hear John Wood Heartbreaker Open 18 Intermediate
2203Depr John Hyde Deprived Cat Open 17 Intermediate
2204Tang Raymond Lofthouse Tango Steps Open 16 Intermediate
2217Sati Martin Malone Satin Flames Open 16 Intermediate
2221Infl Stuart Brocklebank Inflation Rising Open 15 Intermediate
2222this Ariaan Winter thistleheads open 15 Intermediate
2233Wint Mike Newman Winter Frost Open 18 Intermediate
2237Feet Bill Cooper Feet Forward open 18 Intermediate
2243Tran Ron Beattie Tranquillity Open 17 Intermediate
2250Colo Sarah Sands Colours of Neglect Open 19 Intermediate
2260Snow Matt Auld Snow shoes Open 17 Intermediate
2261Warm BradW Warm Sunset with Pelican Open 17 Intermediate
2274Gira Ian Hooker Giraffe Tree Open 18 Intermediate
2277Shee Val Beattie Sheep Portrait Open 16 Intermediate
2280Marb Andy Sands Marbled Gall Wasp Open 20 Best In Show Intermediate
2288Spir John Wood Spirit Island Open 17 Intermediate