CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2009 Competition 2 - Simplicity
Judge - Terry Coffey Date - Terry Coffey4/11/09
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
BradW 67 16 51 Intermediate
Ariaan Winter 71 15 56 Intermediate
Mike Newman 63 15 48 Intermediate
John Wood 69 19 50 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 68 16 52 Intermediate
Val Beattie 69 16 53 Intermediate
John Hyde 66 15 51 Intermediate
Raj Haran 67 16 51 Intermediate
Martin Malone 72 17 55 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 68 17 51 Intermediate
Mick Rose 73 20 53 Intermediate
Sarah Sands 75 19 56 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 66 16 50 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 76 20 56 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 75 18 57 Intermediate
Matt Auld 35 0 35 Intermediate
Andy Sands 56 0 56 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
1111Simp BradW Simple Hearts Set 16 Intermediate
1118ston Ariaan Winter stone and lines set 15 Intermediate
1119Sout Mike Newman South Wind Set 15 Intermediate
1121Wate John Wood Water Drops Set 19 Intermediate
1122The Ron Beattie The Red Chair Set 16 Intermediate
1130Thro Val Beattie Through the Windscreen Set 16 Intermediate
1131Crag John Hyde Craggy Tree Set 15 Intermediate
1141Eye Raj Haran Eye of the Wheel set 16 Intermediate
1142Simp Martin Malone Simply Strawberries Set 17 Intermediate
1150Popp Stuart Brocklebank Poppy Seed Heads Set 17 Intermediate
1156Bunc Mick Rose Buncefield Cloud Set 20 Best in Class Intermediate
1177Rest Sarah Sands Resting Pebble Set 19 Intermediate
1181Dais Ian Hooker Daisies Set 16 Intermediate
1183Swif Raymond Lofthouse Swifts Set 20 Intermediate
1194Rail Bill Cooper Railway Yard Chevrons set 18 Intermediate
2109Hang Matt Auld Hanging Out Open 17 Intermediate
2111Chic BradW Chicago in limited colour Open 18 Intermediate
2118clam Ariaan Winter clamatis open 19 Intermediate
2119Mari Mike Newman Maria Open 16 Intermediate
2121Caun John Wood Caunce Head Cornwall Open 15 Intermediate
2122Blea Ron Beattie Blea Reflections Open 18 Intermediate
2130Bird Val Beattie Bird of Prey Open 19 Intermediate
2131Inne John Hyde Inner Beauty Open 16 Intermediate
2141Chil Raj Haran Chillout open 19 Intermediate
2142Earl Martin Malone Earl Open 18 Intermediate
2150It's Stuart Brocklebank It's Tough but someone has to do it Open 16 Intermediate
2152Bank Andy Sands Bank Vole Open 20 Intermediate
2156Brit Mick Rose Brit on Holiday Open 17 Intermediate
2177Burn Sarah Sands Burnett Moths Copulating Open 20 Intermediate
2181Does Ian Hooker Does She Ever Stops Eating Open 17 Intermediate
2183A Qu Raymond Lofthouse A Quiet Drink Open 19 Intermediate
2194Conn Bill Cooper Connecting Rods open 19 Intermediate
2209Mr D Matt Auld Mr Dozy is Thinning on Top Open 18 Intermediate
2211Ferr BradW Ferrari enters gravel trap Open 15 Intermediate
2218lave Ariaan Winter lavender fields open 18 Intermediate
2219Musc Mike Newman Muscles Open 16 Intermediate
2221Temp John Wood Temptress Open 16 Intermediate
2222Comp Ron Beattie Compton Bay Open 19 Intermediate
2230In t Val Beattie In the Pink Open 15 Intermediate
2231Not John Hyde Not for Riding Open 15 Intermediate
2241Jeep Raj Haran Jeep open 16 Intermediate
2242Into Martin Malone Into the Light Open 17 Intermediate
2250Rump Stuart Brocklebank Rumpled Daleside Open 16 Intermediate
2252Swal Andy Sands Swallow leaving barn Open 20 Best In Show Intermediate
2256Comm Mick Rose Common Hawker Open 19 Intermediate
2277Come Sarah Sands Come to Rest Open 18 Intermediate
2281Ibis Ian Hooker Ibis Squadron open 17 Intermediate
2283Joy Raymond Lofthouse Joy and Despair Open 17 Intermediate
2294Sult Bill Cooper Sultry Poster open 20 Intermediate
2311Ston BradW Stone Curlew at rest Open 18 Intermediate
2318the Ariaan Winter the knot open 19 Intermediate
2319Red Mike Newman Red Or Black Open 16 Intermediate
2321Twin John Wood Twins onboard Open 19 Intermediate
2322Whit Ron Beattie White Trees on Orange Open 15 Intermediate
2330Tree Val Beattie Tree Nymph Open 19 Intermediate
2331Whit John Hyde Whitby Crest and Lobster Traps Open 20 Intermediate
2341Vibr Raj Haran Vibrant open 16 Intermediate
2342Live Martin Malone Liverpool Docks at Dusk Open 20 Intermediate
2350Rust Stuart Brocklebank Rusty Shadows Open 19 Intermediate
2352Wood Andy Sands Wood Ant dragging Sandhopper Open 16 Intermediate
2356Mawd Mick Rose Mawddach Dawn Open 17 Intermediate
2377The Sarah Sands The Old Door Knocker Open 18 Intermediate
2381Runn Ian Hooker Running For The Bus Open 16 Intermediate
2383The Raymond Lofthouse The Red Sombreros Open 20 Intermediate
2394Unde Bill Cooper Under Hungerford Bridge open 18 Intermediate