CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2009 Competition 3 - People in Their Environment
Judge - Peter Prosser APAGB Date - 2/12/09
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
John Wood 60 32 28 Intermediate
Mike Newman 64 32 32 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 61 33 28 Intermediate
Ariaan Winter 69 32 37 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 63 32 31 Intermediate
Val Beattie 64 31 33 Intermediate
Sarah Sands 73 36 37 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 68 34 34 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 67 33 34 Intermediate
Mick Rose 68 34 34 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 68 35 33 Intermediate
John Hyde 67 31 36 Intermediate
Andy Sands 39 0 39 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
1101At o John Wood At one with the waves Set 15 Intermediate
1123Lear Mike Newman Learner Driver Set 17 Intermediate
1128Out Ian Hooker Out of Their Depth Set 16 Intermediate
1129tea Ariaan Winter tea pickers set 15 Intermediate
1137In t Raymond Lofthouse In the Soukh Set 16 Intermediate
1140Firs Val Beattie First Performance Set 16 Intermediate
1144Comm Sarah Sands Commuters Set 16 Intermediate
1151Gare Bill Cooper Gareth Fires Up the South Oxhey Choir Set 17 Intermediate
1155Oili Ron Beattie Oiling Up Set 18 Intermediate
1163Angl Mick Rose Angler Set 15 Intermediate
1182Grin Stuart Brocklebank Grinding Sparks Set 17 Intermediate
1187Russ John Hyde Russian Couple Set 14 Intermediate
1201Laun John Wood Launch! Set 17 Intermediate
1223Thei Mike Newman Their Space Set 15 Intermediate
1228Wrin Ian Hooker Wrinkly Rock set 17 Intermediate
1229teap Ariaan Winter teapickers set 17 Intermediate
1237Wait Raymond Lofthouse Waiting for the parade Set 16 Intermediate
1240Trac Val Beattie Traction Engine Rally Set 15 Intermediate
1244Out Sarah Sands Out to Surf Set 20 Intermediate
1251Sepa Bill Cooper Separate Lives Set 17 Intermediate
1255Tang Ron Beattie Tango Set 15 Intermediate
1263Lamb Mick Rose Lambing Time Set 19 Intermediate
1282Thro Stuart Brocklebank Through the Flywheel Set 18 Intermediate
1287The John Hyde The Painter Set 17 Intermediate
2101Joan John Wood Joanne no2 Open 13 Intermediate
2123Over Mike Newman Overlooked Open 16 Intermediate
2128The Ian Hooker The Eye of the Wolf Open 14 Intermediate
2129blue Ariaan Winter blue boats open 20 Intermediate
2137Swif Raymond Lofthouse Swifts 2 Open 17 Intermediate
2140Dale Val Beattie Dales Barn Open 19 Intermediate
2144Brin Sarah Sands Brindled Beauty Caterpiller Open 19 Intermediate
2151Grey Bill Cooper Grey Wagtail Stocker's Lock open 18 Intermediate
2155Autu Ron Beattie Autumn Branch Open 17 Intermediate
2163Barn Mick Rose Barn Owl Open 17 Intermediate
2181Smal Andy Sands Small Heath Open 19 Intermediate
2182Autu Stuart Brocklebank Autumn Leaves Open 17 Intermediate
2187Whit John Hyde Whitby Crest and Lobster Traps Open 16 Intermediate
2201Summ John Wood Summer Poppies Open 15 Intermediate
2223Snow Mike Newman Snow Leopard Open 16 Intermediate
2228Turn Ian Hooker Turnstone at Christchurch Open 14 Intermediate
2229spri Ariaan Winter sprig green open 17 Intermediate
2237Toge Raymond Lofthouse Together in the snow Open 14 Intermediate
2240Fire Val Beattie Fireburst Open 14 Intermediate
2244Come Sarah Sands Come to Rest Open 18 Intermediate
2251Who Bill Cooper Who Goes There open 16 Intermediate
2255Mirr Ron Beattie Mirrors in the Garden Open 17 Intermediate
2263Marb Mick Rose Marbled Godwit Open 17 Intermediate
2281Whit Andy Sands Whitethroat after a bath Open 20 Intermediate
2282Conc Stuart Brocklebank Concentration (The Harpist) Open 16 Intermediate
2287Zuri John Hyde Zurich Rooftops in the Morning Open 20 Best In Show Intermediate