CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2009 Competition 4 - Contre Jour
Judge - Ian Shaw Date - 6/1/2010
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Sarah Sands 77 20 57 Intermediate
Mike Newman 73 18 55 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 67 16 51 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 64 18 46 Intermediate
Raj Haran 65 16 49 Intermediate
John Wood 70 17 53 Intermediate
Ariaan Winter 64 17 47 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 67 15 52 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 69 18 51 Intermediate
John Hyde 63 16 47 Intermediate
Martin Malone 64 14 50 Intermediate
Mick Rose 70 20 50 Intermediate
Val Beattie 69 17 52 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 68 16 52 Intermediate
Andy Sands 55 0 55 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
1100Wind Sarah Sands Windsurfer at Sunset Set 20 Intermediate
1105 Fig Mike Newman Figure Set 18 Intermediate
1115Love Ron Beattie Lovers at St Pancras Set 16 Intermediate
1116Dawn Ian Hooker Dawn Set 18 Intermediate
1122firs Raj Haran first ray of light set 16 Intermediate
1130Head John Wood Heading into the evening surf Set 17 Intermediate
1134on t Ariaan Winter on the beach set 17 Intermediate
1148Marb Bill Cooper Marbled Godwit set 15 Intermediate
1150A Qu Raymond Lofthouse A Quiet Drink Set 18 Intermediate
1155Hels John Hyde Helsinki beauty Set 16 Intermediate
1169Into Martin Malone Into the Light Set 14 Intermediate
1172Arct Mick Rose Arctic Tern Set 20 Intermediate
1186Thro Val Beattie Through the Roof Set 17 Intermediate
1191Iris Stuart Brocklebank Iris Set 16 Intermediate
2100Burn Sarah Sands Burnett Moths Copulating Open 20 Best In Show Intermediate
2105Inqu Mike Newman Inquizitive Otter Open 20 Intermediate
2115Comp Ron Beattie Compton Bay Open 18 Intermediate
2116Acac Ian Hooker Acacia Skies Open 16 Intermediate
2122EyeP Raj Haran EyePod open 15 Intermediate
2130Full John Wood Full Steam Ahead Open 19 Intermediate
2134leaf Ariaan Winter leaf open 15 Intermediate
2148Gare Bill Cooper Gareth Fires Up the Sth Oxhey Choir open 17 Intermediate
2150Ball Raymond Lofthouse Balloons on the beach Open 16 Intermediate
2155Fern John Hyde Fern Open 16 Intermediate
2158Bank Andy Sands Bank Vole Open 19 Intermediate
2169Look Martin Malone Looking back to see you looking back at me Open 14 Intermediate
2172Gree Mick Rose GreenWoodpecker Open 17 Intermediate
2186Dale Val Beattie Dales Barn Open 18 Intermediate
2191A Br Stuart Brocklebank A Break from the Morris Open 16 Intermediate
2200Dogf Sarah Sands Dogfish Egg Case Open 20 Intermediate
2205Lear Mike Newman Learner Driver Open 17 Intermediate
2215Mirr Ron Beattie Mirror Ball Pattern Open 16 Intermediate
2216The Ian Hooker The Road to Jasper Open 14 Intermediate
2222Jimy Raj Haran Jimy Henricks open 15 Intermediate
2230Temp John Wood Temptress Open 16 Intermediate
2234spri Ariaan Winter spring green open 16 Intermediate
2248Nice Bill Cooper Nice Bunch open 18 Intermediate
2250Flyi Raymond Lofthouse Flying puffin Open 18 Intermediate
2255Japa John Hyde Japanese Anemone Open 15 Intermediate
2258Moor Andy Sands Moorhen stretching on ice Open 18 Intermediate
2269Shoo Martin Malone Shoot Photos not People Open 16 Intermediate
2272Red- Mick Rose Red-eye Open 17 Intermediate
2286Lune Val Beattie Lune in Flood Open 16 Intermediate
2291Rapt Stuart Brocklebank Raptor Stare Open 19 Intermediate
2300Laye Sarah Sands Layers of Ice Open 17 Intermediate
2305Mari Mike Newman Maria Open 18 Intermediate
2315Wall Ron Beattie Wall in the Dales Open 17 Intermediate
2316Walk Ian Hooker Walking off Lunch Open 16 Intermediate
2322Mill Raj Haran Milleniumbridge open 19 Intermediate
2330Twin John Wood Twins onboard Open 18 Intermediate
2334this Ariaan Winter thistleheads open 16 Intermediate
2348Whit Bill Cooper Whitby West Pier open 17 Intermediate
2350The Raymond Lofthouse The Bandoneon Player Open 17 Intermediate
2355Myst John Hyde Mystery Man in Cassiobury Park Open 16 Intermediate
2358Skyl Andy Sands Skylark in full song Open 18 Intermediate
2369The Martin Malone The Urban Landscape of South Bank Open 20 Intermediate
2372Wher Mick Rose WheresMyNuts Open 16 Intermediate
2386Pier Val Beattie Pier's End Open 18 Intermediate
2391Trip Stuart Brocklebank Triple Stunt Kites Open 17 Intermediate