CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2009 Competition 5 - Patterns in Nature
Judge - Graham Laughton Hon PAGB Date - 3rd February 2010
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Mike Newman 67 67 0 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 64 64 0 Intermediate
Raj Haran 66 66 0 Intermediate
Ariaan Winter 68 68 0 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 70 70 0 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 73 73 0 Intermediate
John Wood 68 68 0 Intermediate
John Hyde 68 68 0 Intermediate
Val Beattie 67 67 0 Intermediate
Mick Rose 69 69 0 Intermediate
Sarah Sands 74 74 0 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 73 73 0 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 70 70 0 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
1101Blac Mike Newman Black & White Set 17 Intermediate
1107Fros Ron Beattie Frost Pattern Set 14 Intermediate
1116Peac Raj Haran Peacock set 18 Intermediate
1118azal Ariaan Winter azalea set 18 Intermediate
1126Cact Ian Hooker Cactii Set 17 Intermediate
1139Cact Raymond Lofthouse Cactus spines Set 19 Intermediate
1142Cact John Wood Cactus Set 17 Intermediate
1143Cana John Hyde Canada Geese Set 16 Intermediate
1165Autu Val Beattie Autumn Leaf2 Set 19 Intermediate
1168Autu Mick Rose Autumn Leaves Set 14 Intermediate
1183Betw Sarah Sands Between the Barnacles Set 18 Intermediate
1186Fern Bill Cooper Fern Fronds set 17 Intermediate
1190Leaf Stuart Brocklebank Leaf Spiral Set 17 Intermediate
1201Burn Mike Newman Burnett Moths on Field Scabious Set 16 Intermediate
1207Patt Ron Beattie Pattern of Grasses Set 17 Intermediate
1216Pots Raj Haran Pots set 16 Intermediate
1218the Ariaan Winter the back of set 14 Intermediate
1226Fros Ian Hooker Frost Patterns on the Roof Set 19 Intermediate
1239Gold Raymond Lofthouse Golden lichen Set 17 Intermediate
1242Reed John Wood Reeds Set 16 Intermediate
1243Gerb John Hyde Gerbera Set 18 Intermediate
1265Fall Val Beattie Fallen Leaves Set 16 Intermediate
1268Cruc Mick Rose Crucian Carp Set 17 Intermediate
1283Sand Sarah Sands Sand Rays Set 18 Intermediate
1286Radi Bill Cooper Radial Palm Leaves set 20 Highly Commended Intermediate
1290Rust Stuart Brocklebank Rust Set 19 Intermediate
1301Map Mike Newman Map Lichen Set 17 Intermediate
1307Patt Ron Beattie Patterns in the Sky Set 17 Intermediate
1316Ripp Raj Haran Ripples set 16 Intermediate
1318toad Ariaan Winter toadstool set 18 Intermediate
1326Newc Ian Hooker Newcastle United Supporters Club Set 16 Intermediate
1339Gull Raymond Lofthouse Gull prints in the sand Set 19 Intermediate
1342Ripp John Wood Ripples in the sand Set 16 Intermediate
1343Succ John Hyde Succulent Set 17 Intermediate
1365Hear Val Beattie Heart of the Flower Set 16 Intermediate
1368Mona Mick Rose Monarch Set 20 Highly Commended Intermediate
1383Stuc Sarah Sands Stuck on You Set 20 Best Projected Image Intermediate
1386Red Bill Cooper Red Hot Poker Detail set 19 Intermediate
1390Scal Stuart Brocklebank Scallop Shell Set 16 Intermediate
1401Root Mike Newman Roots Set 17 Intermediate
1407Sand Ron Beattie Sand & Pebbles Set 16 Intermediate
1416Stag Raj Haran Stag set 16 Intermediate
1418webb Ariaan Winter webb set 18 Intermediate
1426Ripp Ian Hooker Ripples in the Sand Set 18 Intermediate
1439Petr Raymond Lofthouse Petra gorge Set 18 Intermediate
1442Wate John Wood Water Drops in red Set 19 Intermediate
1443Sunf John Hyde Sunflower Set 17 Intermediate
1465Patt Val Beattie Patterns at Sunset Set 16 Intermediate
1468Plan Mick Rose Plane Tree Bark Set 18 Intermediate
1483Text Sarah Sands Textured by Nature Set 18 Intermediate
1486Spal Bill Cooper Spalted Beech set 17 Intermediate
1490Stri Stuart Brocklebank Stripes Set 18 Intermediate