CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2010 Competition 2 - People
Judge - Les Spitz Date - 3/11/10
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Ariaan Winter 80 32 48 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 84 36 48 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 89 36 53 Intermediate
Val Beattie 85 35 50 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 86 35 51 Intermediate
Raj Haran 78 31 47 Intermediate
BradW 85 33 52 Intermediate
Mike Newman 86 38 48 Intermediate
Tony Manton 83 31 52 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 84 33 51 Intermediate
John Wood 89 36 53 Intermediate
Martin Malone 84 37 47 Intermediate
Gary Smith 83 32 51 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 85 33 52 Intermediate
Sarah Sands 95 36 59 Intermediate
John Hyde 90 36 54 Intermediate
Andy Sands 58 0 58 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
1103all Ariaan Winter all together now set 16 Intermediate
1110Proc Raymond Lofthouse Procession of the Moors Set 18 Intermediate
1124City Bill Cooper City Break Set 17 Intermediate
1133Rug Val Beattie Rug Maker Set 17 Intermediate
1139Jami Ian Hooker Jamie's Bubbles Set 17 Intermediate
1141ride Raj Haran ride in the park set 16 Intermediate
1145Hula BradW Hula Girl Set 16 Intermediate
1147Joyo Mike Newman Joyous Set 18 Intermediate
1151 Bar Tony Manton Bar B Q Set 16 Intermediate
1152Blac Stuart Brocklebank Black Beauty Set 17 Intermediate
1156All John Wood All aboard who's going aboard Set 18 Intermediate
1158Love Martin Malone Love the one you're with Set 20 Intermediate
1170Baby Gary Smith Baby Adam set 16 Intermediate
1172Clar Ron Beattie Clarinetist Set 17 Intermediate
1180Boy Sarah Sands Boy with Balloon Set 18 Intermediate
1186Carr John Hyde Carried away by the rhythm Set 17 Intermediate
1203me a Ariaan Winter me and my grandfather set 16 Intermediate
1210The Raymond Lofthouse The eyes tell it all Set 18 Intermediate
1224Dobe Bill Cooper Dobet at Womad set 19 Intermediate
1233Wint Val Beattie Winter Walk Set 18 Intermediate
1239The Ian Hooker The Queen at Ascot 2010 Set 18 Intermediate
1241sara Raj Haran saranya set 15 Intermediate
1245Pael BradW Paella For The Masses Set 17 Intermediate
1247Just Mike Newman Just Thinking Set 20 Intermediate
1251Park Tony Manton Park Bench Set 15 Intermediate
1252Chil Stuart Brocklebank Childs Play Set 16 Intermediate
1256Just John Wood Just Peachey Set 18 Intermediate
1258Tash Martin Malone Tasha in Profile Set 17 Intermediate
1270Time Gary Smith Time for a chat set 16 Intermediate
1272Lunc Ron Beattie Lunch Set 16 Intermediate
1280Joll Sarah Sands Jolly Good Fun Set 18 Intermediate
1286This John Hyde This is love Set 19 Intermediate
2103Loch Ariaan Winter Loch Shiel open 15 Intermediate
2110Frie Raymond Lofthouse Friends at play Open 15 Intermediate
2124Stoo Bill Cooper Stooping Eagle Owl open 18 Intermediate
2133Fall Val Beattie Fallen Leaves Open 15 Intermediate
2139Arum Ian Hooker Arum Lily Open 17 Intermediate
2141 Blu Raj Haran Blue Ridge Park open 16 Intermediate
2145Gree BradW Green Heron Snacking Open 17 Intermediate
2147Even Mike Newman Evening on Southbank Open 15 Intermediate
2151Do c Tony Manton Do come in sir open 16 Intermediate
2152Deca Stuart Brocklebank Decay Open 18 Intermediate
2156Appr John Wood Approaching Storm Open 19 Intermediate
2158A Ph Martin Malone A Photo of a Photographer Open 16 Intermediate
2170Mist Gary Smith Misty journey open 19 Intermediate
2172Batt Ron Beattie Battle of Britain Day Blackpool Open 17 Intermediate
2173Caps Andy Sands Capsid plant bug preening Open 20 Intermediate
2180Haze Sarah Sands Hazel Dormouse Open 20 Best In Show Intermediate
2186Cast John Hyde Castle after storm Open 20 Intermediate
2203mend Ariaan Winter mending open 17 Intermediate
2210Read Raymond Lofthouse Ready for the battle Open 18 Intermediate
2224Sun Bill Cooper Sun and Smoke open 17 Intermediate
2233Lime Val Beattie Limestone Pavement Country Open 17 Intermediate
2239Chee Ian Hooker Cheetah's Eyes Open 18 Intermediate
22411930 Raj Haran 1930's shell garage Norh Carolina. open 15 Intermediate
2245Polo BradW Polo Action Open 17 Intermediate
2247Hero Mike Newman Heron in Willow Open 17 Intermediate
2251Felu Tony Manton Feluca on the Nile Open 16 Intermediate
2252Pors Stuart Brocklebank Porsche Open 16 Intermediate
2256Bull John Wood Bullring at night Open 18 Intermediate
2258Nina Martin Malone Nina at Colne Valley Open 16 Intermediate
2270Rock Gary Smith Rock open 17 Intermediate
2272Cloi Ron Beattie Cloisters Open 18 Intermediate
2273Reds Andy Sands Redshank Open 18 Intermediate
2280In o Sarah Sands In one end out the other Open 19 Intermediate
2286Hot John Hyde Hot spring Open 17 Intermediate
2303seed Ariaan Winter seeds open 16 Intermediate
2310Wind Raymond Lofthouse Window display Open 15 Intermediate
2324The Bill Cooper The Milkmaid open 18 Intermediate
2333Nigh Val Beattie Nightfall Open 18 Intermediate
2339Refl Ian Hooker Reflections on the Raubenheimer Dam Open 16 Intermediate
2341Ardr Raj Haran Ardra open 16 Intermediate
2345Wren BradW Wren at Work Open 18 Intermediate
2347Urba Mike Newman Urban Community Open 16 Intermediate
2351Minu Tony Manton Minus 26 degrees C Open 20 Intermediate
2352Watc Stuart Brocklebank Watching the Band Open 17 Intermediate
2356Hope John Wood Hope there's no snakes in here Open 16 Intermediate
2358Nina Martin Malone Nina at Copped Hall Open 15 Intermediate
2370time Gary Smith time stands still open 15 Intermediate
2372Magn Ron Beattie Magnolia Open 17 Intermediate
2373Turn Andy Sands Turnstone feeding on crab Open 20 Intermediate
2380Seaw Sarah Sands Seaweed Shadow Open 20 Intermediate
2386Popp John Hyde Poppy bud Open 17 Intermediate