CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2010 Competition 6 - Aspects of Water
Judge - Paul Mitchell ARPS Date - Date16/3/2011
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Mike Brown 78 31 47 Intermediate
Stewart Marsden 81 32 49 Intermediate
Val Beattie 83 33 50 Intermediate
Sarah Sands 87 35 52 Intermediate
John Wood 86 35 51 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 92 36 56 Intermediate
Ariaan Winter 76 29 47 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 86 37 49 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 82 31 51 Intermediate
Tony Manton 81 30 51 Intermediate
BradW 85 36 49 Intermediate
Gary Smith 83 33 50 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 85 34 51 Intermediate
Mike Newman 84 30 54 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 79 28 51 Intermediate
John Hyde 77 30 47 Intermediate
Andy Sands 58 0 58 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
1117Appr Mike Brown Approaching Storm Set 16 Intermediate
1122Moun Stewart Marsden Mountains of Tides Set 17 Intermediate
1130Cana Val Beattie Canal Reflections Set 17 Intermediate
1132Laye Sarah Sands Layers of Ice Set 18 Intermediate
1142Appr John Wood Approaching Storm Set 19 Intermediate
1144On t Bill Cooper On the Brink Set 16 Intermediate
1146Clou Ariaan Winter Clouds Set 14 Intermediate
1148Inva Raymond Lofthouse Invasion from the sea 2 Set 18 Intermediate
1149S fo Stuart Brocklebank S for Sea Set 15 Intermediate
1160Foun Tony Manton Fountain Set 16 Intermediate
1168Ice BradW Ice Block Melts Set 20 Intermediate
1169Mist Gary Smith Misty journey Set 17 Intermediate
1173Cont Ian Hooker Contoured Water Set 17 Intermediate
1184Icic Mike Newman Icicles Set 15 Intermediate
1189Sea Ron Beattie Sea through Rain Set 13 Intermediate
1191Hot John Hyde Hot Spring Yellowstone Set 14 Intermediate
1217Cool Mike Brown Cooling off Prato della Valle Set 15 Intermediate
1222Out Stewart Marsden Out Set 15 Intermediate
1230Peat Val Beattie Peaty Falls Set 16 Intermediate
1232Wave Sarah Sands Wave Set 17 Intermediate
1242Stoc John Wood Stockghyll Force Set 16 Intermediate
1244Wate Bill Cooper Water Sport set 20 Best In Show Intermediate
1246Rain Ariaan Winter Rain Set 15 Intermediate
1248Room Raymond Lofthouse Room for one more Set 19 Intermediate
1249The Stuart Brocklebank The Start of the Thaw Set 16 Intermediate
1260Suns Tony Manton Sunset on the Nile Set 14 Intermediate
1268Thre BradW Three States Illustrated Set 16 Intermediate
1269Surf Gary Smith Surfing the Wave Set 16 Intermediate
1273Drip Ian Hooker Drip Set 17 Intermediate
1284Wate Mike Newman Water Patterns Set 15 Intermediate
1289Tran Ron Beattie Tranquility Set 15 Intermediate
1291Lake John Hyde Lake and Reflection Set 16 Intermediate
2117Ange Mike Brown Angel on Lunch break Open 14 Intermediate
2122Dead Stewart Marsden Deadwood Open 16 Intermediate
2130Fros Val Beattie Frosty Morning at Stourhead Open 17 Intermediate
2132Dune Sarah Sands Dune Grass Open 18 Intermediate
2142Exci John Wood Excited anticipation Open 17 Intermediate
2144King Bill Cooper Kings Place Facade open 17 Intermediate
2146Ston Ariaan Winter Stone on Sand Open 16 Intermediate
2148A lo Raymond Lofthouse A long way from home Open 17 Intermediate
2149Blac Stuart Brocklebank Black Beauty Open 16 Intermediate
2160Dusk Tony Manton Dusk in the Atlantic Open 16 Intermediate
2168Boat BradW Boat Shed in Autumn of its Life Open 15 Intermediate
2169Roof Gary Smith Roof Open 17 Intermediate
2173Buff Ian Hooker Buffalo Open 17 Intermediate
2175Acor Andy Sands Acorn Weevil Open 20 Intermediate
2184Aman Mike Newman Amanda Open 18 Intermediate
2189Ashr Ron Beattie Ashridge Open 16 Intermediate
2191Blue John Hyde Blue and Red Open 16 Intermediate
2217Cour Mike Brown Court Yard Pedua Univ Open 16 Intermediate
2222Entr Stewart Marsden Entrance Open 16 Intermediate
2230View Val Beattie View from the Bridge Open 17 Intermediate
2232Look Sarah Sands Looking Out Open 18 Intermediate
2242Just John Wood Just Peachey Open 17 Intermediate
2244New Bill Cooper New Forest Red Deer open 19 Intermediate
2246Web Ariaan Winter Web Open 16 Intermediate
2248A Si Raymond Lofthouse A Simple Landscape Open 17 Intermediate
2249Made Stuart Brocklebank Made to Measure Open 18 Intermediate
2260Red Tony Manton Red House Open 17 Intermediate
2268Coll BradW Collapsed Pier Structure Open 19 Intermediate
2269Stra Gary Smith Strawberries Open 17 Intermediate
2273Post Ian Hooker One and One Open 17 Intermediate
2275Robi Andy Sands Robin with nesting material Open 19 Intermediate
2284On T Mike Newman On The Prowl 2 Open 19 Intermediate
2289Patt Ron Beattie Pattern Open 18 Intermediate
2291Old John Hyde Old Man Jerusalem Market Open 17 Intermediate
2317Dolo Mike Brown Dolomites nr Cortina Open 17 Intermediate
2322Gutt Stewart Marsden Gutter-Nomics Open 17 Intermediate
2330Wint Val Beattie Winter Walk Open 16 Intermediate
2332Out Sarah Sands Out to Surf Open 16 Intermediate
2342Kati John Wood Katie G Open 17 Intermediate
2344Sali Bill Cooper Salif Keita at Womad open 20 Intermediate
2346Wind Ariaan Winter Window Open 15 Intermediate
2348Proc Raymond Lofthouse Processional caterpillar nest Open 15 Intermediate
2349Spri Stuart Brocklebank Spring is Coming Open 17 Intermediate
2360The Tony Manton The stair case open 18 Intermediate
2368Rout BradW Route onto Beach Open 15 Intermediate
2369Tusc Gary Smith Tuscan Countryside Open 16 Intermediate
2373Twin Ian Hooker Twins Open 17 Intermediate
2375Shor Andy Sands Short Eared Owl coughing up pellet Open 19 Intermediate
2384Tors Mike Newman Torso II Open 17 Intermediate
2389Rain Ron Beattie Rain Coming Open 17 Intermediate
2391Peac John Hyde Peacock and Cactuses Open 14 Intermediate