CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2011 Competition 1 - Landscape
Judge - Peter Mylchreest Date - 14/09/2011
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Ariaan Winter 78 31 47 Intermediate
Mike Newman 88 35 53 Intermediate
BradW 92 39 53 Intermediate
John Hyde 89 36 53 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 88 34 54 Intermediate
Val Beattie 85 32 53 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 94 39 55 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 86 37 49 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 85 31 54 Intermediate
Mike Brown 76 31 45 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 84 34 50 Intermediate
Sarah Sands 90 34 56 Intermediate
John Wood 86 35 51 Intermediate
Gary Smith 86 33 53 Intermediate
Andy Sands 59 0 59 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
1101plou Ariaan Winter ploughed set 15 Club
1109Arun Mike Newman Arun Valley B&W Set 17 Club
1114Rout BradW Route North to Kaikoura Ranges, NZ Set 20 Club
1119Ital John Hyde Italian Landscape Set 16 Club
1133Drys Bill Cooper Drystone Walls, South Yorkshire Set 16 Intermediate
1138I.O. Val Beattie I.O.W. View Set 15 Intermediate
1141Dawn Raymond Lofthouse Dawn on the salt flat Set 20 Intermediate
1148Mone Stuart Brocklebank Monets' Pond Set 18 Intermediate
1149Afte Ron Beattie After the Harvest Set 15 Club
1152Purb Mike Brown Purbeck Hills 2 Set 15 Club
1156Nort Ian Hooker North Yorkshire Moors Set 16 Intermediate
1159On t Sarah Sands On the Machair Set 18 Intermediate
1162Kirk John Wood Kirkby Lonsdale Panorama Set 18 Club
1164Cumb Gary Smith Cumbrian Hill Set 15 Club
1201wind Ariaan Winter windmill set 16 Club
1209Root Mike Newman Rooted in the Landscape Set 18 Intermediate
1214To L BradW To Lowry Hills Range from Waiau, New Zealand Set 19 Club
1219Morn John Hyde Morning Spray Set 20 Club
1233Stor Bill Cooper Storm Brewing at Seasalter Set 18 Club
1238Stou Val Beattie Stourhead Set 17 Intermediate
1241Luna Raymond Lofthouse Lunar landscape Set 19 Club
1248Wint Stuart Brocklebank Winter Landscape Set 19 Club
1249Mist Ron Beattie Mist over the Fields Set 16 Club
1252The Mike Brown The veiw from Hengistbury Set 16 Club
1256Stai Ian Hooker Staithes North Yorkshire Set 18 Club
1259Path Sarah Sands Pathway through the poppies Set 16 Club
1262Lang John Wood Langdale Pikes Set 17 Intermediate
1264Tusc Gary Smith Tuscan Countryside Set 18 Intermediate
2101berr Ariaan Winter berries and shadows open 15 Club
2102Ecte Andy Sands Ectemnius Cavifrons in flight with Hoverfly prey Open 19 Club
2109Base Mike Newman Base Player Open 17 Club
2114Avoi BradW Avoiding Wipe-Out Open 17 Club
2119Door John Hyde Door Knocker Open 17 Open
2133Arch Bill Cooper Arch Form open 17 Club
2138Drag Val Beattie Dragon Fly Open 18 Intermediate
2141Batt Raymond Lofthouse Battle Open 20 Club
2148A Pe Stuart Brocklebank A Peaceful Read Open 16 Club
2149Fun Ron Beattie Fun for the Young Open 18 Club
2152Beac Mike Brown Beach Shade Open 15 Intermediate
2156Cass Ian Hooker Cassiobury Arabesque Open 16 Intermediate
2159Clou Sarah Sands Clouded yellow Open 20 Best In Show Intermediate
2162Bell John Wood Belle in Blue Open 17 Intermediate
2164503 Gary Smith 503 Open 18 Club
2201goin Ariaan Winter going home open 16 Intermediate
2202Mead Andy Sands Meadow pipit in flight with food Open 20 Intermediate
2209Just Mike Newman Just Imagine Open 16 Intermediate
2214Reme BradW Rememberance at Pismo Beach, California Open 16 Intermediate
2219Rena John Hyde Renaissance Garden Open 17 Club
2233Cath Bill Cooper Cathedral Pipes open 18 Intermediate
2238Old Val Beattie Old Wall New Flower Open 17 Intermediate
2241Sema Raymond Lofthouse Semana Santa 2 Open 18 Intermediate
2248Atte Stuart Brocklebank Attention to Detail Open 16 Club
2249Moon Ron Beattie Moon over Bembridge2 Open 18 Club
2252Besi Mike Brown Beside the Sea Open 15 Club
2256Moon Ian Hooker Moon Light Open 16 Club
2259End Sarah Sands End of the Log Open 17 Club
2262For John Wood For your eyes only Open 17 Club
2264The Gary Smith The Horsemen Open 18 Club
2301smok Ariaan Winter smoked open 16 Club
2302Spot Andy Sands Spotted flycatcher with Ringlet butterfly Open 20 Club
2309Sinu Mike Newman Sinuous Seaside Seating Open 20 Club
2314Swee BradW Sweet Dreams Open 20 Club
2319The John Hyde The Wedding Open 19 Club
2333Gaud Bill Cooper Gaudi's Masterpiece open 19 Club
2338The Val Beattie The Frame Open 18 Intermediate
2341The Raymond Lofthouse The Warrior Open 17 Intermediate
2348Eiff Stuart Brocklebank Eiffel Eyeful Open 17
2349Nice Ron Beattie Nice Hair Do Open 18 Intermediate
2352Swan Mike Brown Swanage Pier Open 15 Intermediate
2356Spit Ian Hooker Spitfire Open 18 Intermediate
2359Roes Sarah Sands Roesel's Bush Cricket Open 19 Intermediate
2362Ghet John Wood Ghetto Princess Open 17 Intermediate
2364The Gary Smith The Pilot Open 17 Club