CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2011 Competition 2 - People
Judge - Chris Anderson Date - 2/11/2011
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Mike Newman 90 36 54 Intermediate
John Wood 84 37 47 Intermediate
Gary Smith 76 31 45 Intermediate
Mike Dahl 70 26 44 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 85 36 49 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 89 34 55 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 81 31 50 Intermediate
John Hyde 74 28 46 Intermediate
Raj Haran 84 36 48 Intermediate
Sarah Sands 83 28 55 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 84 34 50 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 85 34 51 Intermediate
Val Beattie 89 37 52 Intermediate
BradW 79 30 49 Intermediate
Ariaan Winter 77 33 44 Intermediate
Andy Sands 59 0 59 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
1113Havi Mike Newman Having Fun Set 16 Intermediate
1117Ever John Wood Every tree deserves a hug Set 18 Intermediate
1128Prot Gary Smith Protest Set 17 Intermediate
1129Peac Mike Dahl Peace brother Set 13 Intermediate
1133Gran Ian Hooker Grandma Set 16 Intermediate
1142Mask Raymond Lofthouse Masked Set 18 Intermediate
1145A Pe Stuart Brocklebank A Peaceful Read Set 16 Intermediate
1148Fami John Hyde Family Fun Set 15 Intermediate
1155Decl Raj Haran Declan set 16 Intermediate
1166Blow Sarah Sands Blow me a Kiss Set 15 Intermediate
1174Fun Ron Beattie Fun for the Young Set 15 Intermediate
1176Feli Bill Cooper Feline Dancer set 19 Intermediate
1185Fun Val Beattie Fun Run Set 18 Intermediate
1189Beha BradW Behave! Set 17 Intermediate
1190Mark Ariaan Winter Market place set 14 Intermediate
1213Runn Mike Newman Running Repairs Set 20 Intermediate
1217Stin John Wood Stina in the sunshine Set 19 Intermediate
1228The Gary Smith The Mob Set 14 Intermediate
1229Peop Mike Dahl People on the shore Set 13 Intermediate
1233Ron Ian Hooker Ron Set 20 Intermediate
1242Read Raymond Lofthouse Ready for a fight Set 16 Intermediate
1245Seam Stuart Brocklebank Seamstresses Set 15 Intermediate
1248Wedd John Hyde Wedding Guests Set 13 Intermediate
1255sayi Raj Haran sayini set 20 Intermediate
1266Hair Sarah Sands Hair Day Set 13 Intermediate
1274Loui Ron Beattie Louise Set 19 Intermediate
1276Stre Bill Cooper Street Life set 15 Intermediate
1285Nich Val Beattie Nicholas Set 19 Intermediate
1289Reme BradW Remembrance at Pismo Beach, California Set 13 Intermediate
1290two Ariaan Winter two friends set 19 Intermediate
2113Bird Mike Newman Birds Eye View Open 15 Intermediate
2117Anne John Wood Anne in the park Open 16 Intermediate
2128The Gary Smith The climb ahead Open 15 Intermediate
21291939 Mike Dahl 1939-45 Nothing Left Open 14 Intermediate
2133Bett Ian Hooker Bettys Bay Penguins Open 18 Intermediate
2142Fema Raymond Lofthouse Female red-veined darter dragonfly Open 20 Best In Show Intermediate
2145Birc Stuart Brocklebank Birch & Grass Open 17 Intermediate
2148Conc John Hyde Concentration Camp Cemetery Open 15 Intermediate
2155mena Raj Haran menacing open 16 Intermediate
2157Mars Andy Sands Marsh frog vocalising Open 19 Intermediate
2166Mead Sarah Sands Meadow Grasshopper Open 20 Intermediate
2174Chai Ron Beattie Chairs Open 13 Intermediate
2176Bank Bill Cooper Bankside open 18 Intermediate
2185Fung Val Beattie Fungi Open 16 Intermediate
2189Boat BradW Boat Launch Tractor Open 16 Intermediate
2190blue Ariaan Winter blue paint and rust open 15 Intermediate
2213Otte Mike Newman Otter Open 19 Intermediate
2217Lead John Wood Leadenhall Market Open 18 Intermediate
2228Walk Gary Smith Walk in a park Open 17 Intermediate
2229Eato Mike Dahl Eaton park Open 15 Intermediate
2233Leop Ian Hooker Leopard in Tree with Kill Open 15 Intermediate
2242Goin Raymond Lofthouse Going home Open 19 Intermediate
2245Ligh Stuart Brocklebank Light Patern Open 17 Intermediate
2248Rena John Hyde Renaissance Garden Open 16 Intermediate
2255Sout Raj Haran Southwold open 16 Intermediate
2257Snip Andy Sands Snipe calling Open 20 Intermediate
2266Morn Sarah Sands Morning Dew Open 20 Intermediate
2274Colo Ron Beattie Colour Swatch Open 20 Intermediate
2276La S Bill Cooper La Sagrada Familia open 19 Intermediate
2285Red Val Beattie Red & White Open 17 Intermediate
2289Chin BradW Chinese Junk, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Open 17 Intermediate
2290form Ariaan Winter formation flying open 15 Intermediate
2313Whee Mike Newman Wheel Hub Open 20 Intermediate
2317On g John Wood On guard Open 13 Intermediate
2328Watc Gary Smith Watching Open 13 Intermediate
2329Nigh Mike Dahl Night over the mersey Open 15 Intermediate
2333Red Ian Hooker Red Steam Engine Open 16 Intermediate
2342Tric Raymond Lofthouse Tricolour Open 16 Intermediate
2345Refl Stuart Brocklebank Reflective Meeting Open 16 Intermediate
2348Vivi John Hyde Vivid Succulent Open 15 Intermediate
2355Wood Raj Haran Woodbridge open 16 Intermediate
2357Tach Andy Sands Tachnid fly Open 20 Intermediate
2366Tuck Sarah Sands Tucked in the Form Open 15 Intermediate
2374Moon Ron Beattie Moon over Bembridge2 Open 17 Intermediate
2376St M Bill Cooper St Martins Lane open 14 Intermediate
2385Tree Val Beattie Tree Nymph Open 19 Intermediate
2389Sing BradW Single-Track Bridge to Hanmer Springs, NZ Open 16 Intermediate
2390webb Ariaan Winter webb open 14 Intermediate