CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2011 Competition 3 - A Recognisable Distorted Image
Judge - Ian Shaw Date - 7/12/2011
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
John Wood 82 34 48 Intermediate
Gary Smith 75 31 44 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 81 35 46 Intermediate
Val Beattie 84 35 49 Intermediate
Ariaan Winter 80 29 51 Intermediate
Sarah Sands 94 39 55 Intermediate
Raj Haran 76 30 46 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 90 37 53 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 82 30 52 Intermediate
Mike Newman 90 37 53 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 88 37 51 Intermediate
BradW 85 34 51 Intermediate
John Hyde 78 31 47 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 89 36 53 Intermediate
Stewart Marsden 84 36 48 Intermediate
Andy Sands 58 0 58 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100110Bull John Wood Bullring, all is not as it seems Set 16 Intermediate
100112Gher Gary Smith Gherkin Set 14 Intermediate
100114Coff Ron Beattie Coffee Pods Set 16 Intermediate
100115Dog Val Beattie Dog in the Water Set 17 Intermediate
100133care Ariaan Winter careful set 16 Intermediate
100136Forg Sarah Sands Forgotton God Set 19 Intermediate
100141crui Raj Haran cruising set 16 Intermediate
100144Hous Bill Cooper House in a Glass Bowl set 18 Intermediate
100158Pier Raymond Lofthouse Pier reflection Set 17 Intermediate
100171Melt Mike Newman Melting Mantle Clock Set 19 Intermediate
100177Beac Ian Hooker Beach Look-out Set 19 Intermediate
100179Lage BradW Lager Distorted Set 17 Intermediate
100192Man- John Hyde Man-eating butterfly Set 15 Intermediate
100194Helm Stuart Brocklebank Helmet Reflection Set 18 Intermediate
100195Even Stewart Marsden Even the Smallest Set 18 Intermediate
100210Fork John Wood Fork Abstract Set 18 Intermediate
100212Roof Gary Smith Roof Set 17 Intermediate
100214Radi Ron Beattie Radiator Grill Set 19 Intermediate
100215Hous Val Beattie House by the Water Set 18 Intermediate
100233chee Ariaan Winter cheers set 13 Intermediate
100236I dr Sarah Sands I dreamt of an Owl Set 20 Intermediate
100241ride Raj Haran ride in the park set 14 Intermediate
100244Part Bill Cooper Partially Sighted set 19 Intermediate
100258St J Raymond Lofthouse St James Park Set 13 Intermediate
100271Parl Mike Newman Parliament in Turmoil Set 18 Intermediate
100277Sunf Ian Hooker Sunflower set 18 Intermediate
100279Oper BradW Opera House Distorted Set 17 Intermediate
100292Russ John Hyde Russian Church Set 16 Intermediate
100294Roll Stuart Brocklebank Roller Radiator Set 18 Intermediate
100295St. Stewart Marsden St. Balls Set 18 Intermediate
200110Lead John Wood Leadenhall Market Open 16 Intermediate
200112Autu Gary Smith Autumn Leaves Open 15 Intermediate
200114Afte Ron Beattie After the Service Open 16 Intermediate
200115Bemb Val Beattie Bembridge Sunrise Open 17 Intermediate
200133curv Ariaan Winter curves open 15 Intermediate
200136Acti Sarah Sands Actic Tern with Sandeel Open 17 Intermediate
200141Lock Raj Haran Locking horns open 16 Intermediate
200144Bank Bill Cooper Bankside 3 open 18 Intermediate
200158Red Raymond Lofthouse Red Crested Cardinal Open 17 Intermediate
200161 Wil Andy Sands Willow Warbler singing Open 18 Intermediate
200171Otte Mike Newman Otter Open 16 Intermediate
200177Cant Ian Hooker Cantankerous Cat Open 19 Intermediate
200179Hong BradW Hong Kong Tram Open 16 Intermediate
200192At P John Hyde At Peace Together Open 15 Intermediate
200194Helt Stuart Brocklebank Helter Skelter Open 17 Intermediate
200195Mill Stewart Marsden Millenium Bridge Open 15 Intermediate
200210Stin John Wood Stina in blue Open 16 Intermediate
200212On y Gary Smith On your bike Open 14 Intermediate
200214Blac Ron Beattie Blackgreen Wood Open 17 Intermediate
200215Gera Val Beattie Geranium Leaf Open 16 Intermediate
200233rope Ariaan Winter rope carrier open 18 Intermediate
200236Clou Sarah Sands Clouded Yellow Open 19 Intermediate
200241Morg Raj Haran Morgan open 16 Intermediate
200244Leap Bill Cooper Leap in the Dark open 17 Intermediate
200258The Raymond Lofthouse The open window Open 16 Intermediate
200261Glow Andy Sands Glow-worm Open 20 Best In Show Intermediate
200271Recl Mike Newman Reclining Figure Open 18 Intermediate
200277Leon Ian Hooker Leonine Love Open 17 Intermediate
200279New BradW New Day Together Open 18 Intermediate
200292Late John Hyde Late Afternoon Open 17 Intermediate
200294Hors Stuart Brocklebank Horse Whispers Open 18 Intermediate
200295Time Stewart Marsden Time Open 18 Intermediate
200310Vict John Wood Victoria Open 16 Intermediate
200312Peop Gary Smith People Assembly Open 15 Intermediate
200314Slat Ron Beattie Slate Sculpture Open 13 Intermediate
200315Tree Val Beattie Tree Nymph2 Open 16 Intermediate
200333webb Ariaan Winter webb open 18 Intermediate
200336Set Sarah Sands Set in Sand Stone Open 19 Intermediate
200341Worb Raj Haran Worboro bay open 14 Intermediate
200344Rock Bill Cooper Rocking in Rhythm open 18 Intermediate
200358Uphi Raymond Lofthouse Uphill struggle Open 19 Intermediate
200361Gree Andy Sands Green Woodpecker Open 20 Intermediate
200371Whee Mike Newman Wheel Hub Open 19 Intermediate
200377Some Ian Hooker Somewhere in the Lake District Open 15 Intermediate
200379Teig BradW Teignmouth Beach Life Open 17 Intermediate
200392Suns John Hyde Sunset from the Park Open 15 Intermediate
200394Weld Stuart Brocklebank Welding the Chain Open 18 Intermediate
200395Tomo Stewart Marsden Tomorrow I'll Dream of Electric Sheep Open 15 Intermediate