CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2011 Competition 6 - Shadows and-or Silhouettes
Judge - Chris Palmer Date - 14/3/2012
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Stuart Brocklebank 83 37 46 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 83 35 48 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 82 35 47 Intermediate
Bill Bain 68 27 41 Intermediate
Ariaan Winter 73 29 44 Intermediate
John Hyde 65 16 49 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 81 32 49 Intermediate
John Wood 82 28 54 Intermediate
Mike Dahl 71 29 42 Intermediate
Mike Newman 89 37 52 Intermediate
Sarah Sands 89 33 56 Intermediate
Val Beattie 78 33 45 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 83 33 50 Intermediate
Andy Sands 56 0 56 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100103Foun Stuart Brocklebank Fountain Figures Set 20 Best In Show Intermediate
100105Firs Bill Cooper First Step set 15 Intermediate
100118Batt Raymond Lofthouse Battle Set 19 Intermediate
100119lond Bill Bain london silhouette set 13 Intermediate
100126oran Ariaan Winter orange wall set 16 Intermediate
100131Rock John Hyde Rock Arch Set 16 Intermediate
100147Silh Ian Hooker Silhouette and Shadow Set 17 Intermediate
100165Exci John Wood Excited anticipation Set 14 Intermediate
100166Hori Mike Dahl Horizen at Sunrise set 14 Intermediate
100171Stag Mike Newman Stags Set 18 Intermediate
100178Last Sarah Sands Last Light Set 18 Intermediate
100179Arns Val Beattie Arnside Sunset Set 15 Intermediate
100180Cloi Ron Beattie Cloisters Set 17 Intermediate
100203Harn Stuart Brocklebank Harness Shadows Set 17 Intermediate
100205Guid Bill Cooper Guiding Shadow set 20 Intermediate
100218Beac Raymond Lofthouse Beach Football Set 16 Intermediate
100219suns Bill Bain sunset on a narrowboat set 14 Intermediate
100226shad Ariaan Winter shadows set 13 Intermediate
100247SunB Ian Hooker SunBird Set 15 Intermediate
100265Twin John Wood Twins silhouette Set 14 Intermediate
100266Watf Mike Dahl Watford Print set 15 Intermediate
100271Wint Mike Newman Winter Promenade Set 19 Intermediate
100278Worm Sarah Sands Wormcast Set 15 Intermediate
100279Red Val Beattie Red Sky at Night Set 18 Intermediate
100280Reme Ron Beattie Remembrance Set 16 Intermediate
200103Cros Stuart Brocklebank Crossing the Shingle Open 16 Intermediate
200105Calm Bill Cooper Calm open 16 Intermediate
200118Ligh Raymond Lofthouse Light Bulbs Open 14 Intermediate
200119goth Bill Bain gothic museum open 15 Intermediate
200126gras Ariaan Winter grasses open 15 Intermediate
200131Croc John Hyde Crocusses among the Heather Open 16 Intermediate
200134Gree Andy Sands Green woodpecker feeding on Apple in snow Open 19 Intermediate
200147Chee Ian Hooker Cheetah with Thompson's Gazelle Open 17 Intermediate
200165For John Wood For your eyes only Open 18 Intermediate
200166Deep Mike Dahl Deep in the Woods open 14 Intermediate
200171Recl Mike Newman Reclining Figure II Open 17 Intermediate
200178 Mor Sarah Sands Morning Dew Open 17 Intermediate
200179 Was Val Beattie Wastwater Open 13 Intermediate
200180Cumb Ron Beattie Cumbian Weather Open 18 Intermediate
200203Plou Stuart Brocklebank Plough Talk Open 16 Intermediate
200205Red Bill Cooper Red Locker open 15 Intermediate
200218Nilg Raymond Lofthouse Nilgai antelope with Chital spotted deer Open 17 Intermediate
200219knos Bill Bain knossos palace open 13 Intermediate
200226scal Ariaan Winter scales open 14 Intermediate
200231Mall John Hyde Mallard female Open 16 Intermediate
200234Sand Andy Sands Sand wasp digging burrow Open 17 Intermediate
200247Gran Ian Hooker Grand Central Station Open 16 Intermediate
200265Stin John Wood Stina in the sunshine Open 16 Intermediate
200266To t Mike Dahl To the Farmhouse open 14 Intermediate
200271Runn Mike Newman Running Repairs Open 19 Intermediate
200278Sea Sarah Sands Sea Sculpture Open 20 Intermediate
200279Plan Val Beattie Planes Open 16 Intermediate
200280Flat Ron Beattie Flat Calm Open 15 Intermediate
200303Wint Stuart Brocklebank Winter Seedhead Open 14 Intermediate
200305Slop Bill Cooper Slopping Out, Brighton Beach open 17 Intermediate
200318Polk Raymond Lofthouse Polka dots Open 16 Intermediate
200319lake Bill Bain lake coniston open 13 Intermediate
200326scar Ariaan Winter scarves open 15 Intermediate
200331West John Hyde Westminster Cathedral Open 17 Intermediate
200334Snip Andy Sands Snipe vocalising on post Open 20 Intermediate
200347It's Ian Hooker It's been a Heavy Day in Amboseli Open 16 Intermediate
200365Vict John Wood Victoria Open 20 Intermediate
200366Wave Mike Dahl Waves in The Wood open 14 Intermediate
200371Sout Mike Newman Southbank Open 16 Intermediate
200378Set Sarah Sands Set in Sand Stone Open 19 Intermediate
200379Vein Val Beattie Veins Open 16 Intermediate
200380Red Ron Beattie Red on Green Open 17 Intermediate