CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2012 Competition 1 - Landscape
Judge - Terry Coffey Date - 12/9/2012
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
John Hyde 86 33 53 Intermediate
Mike Newman 81 29 52 Intermediate
Gary Smith 87 37 50 Intermediate
Mark Davies 82 34 48 Intermediate
Stewart Marsden 89 35 54 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 81 30 51 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 83 34 49 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 90 38 52 Intermediate
John Wood 84 35 49 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 82 33 49 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 89 35 54 Intermediate
Ariaan Winter 84 32 52 Intermediate
Val Beattie 79 32 47 Intermediate
Andy Sands 56 0 56 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100106Past John Hyde Pastoral scene set 17 Intermediate
100108Arun Mike Newman Arun Valley Set 14 Intermediate
100124Crum Gary Smith Crummock Water Set 17 Intermediate
100126NIMB Mark Davies NIMBY Set 15 Intermediate
100135Moha Stewart Marsden Mohan Set 18 Intermediate
100140From Stuart Brocklebank From Ashridge Set 14 Intermediate
100152A da Raymond Lofthouse A dangerous shady spot Set 16 Intermediate
100154Pall Bill Cooper Palladian Bridge, Stowe Set 18 Intermediate
100160Herr John Wood Herringfleet Wind Pump Set 20 Best In Show Intermediate
100176Land Ron Beattie Landscape Strata Set 15 Intermediate
100184Mesq Ian Hooker Mesquite Flats Set 19 Intermediate
100190cows Ariaan Winter cowslip. set 15 Intermediate
100193Gath Val Beattie Gathered In Set 16 Intermediate
100206Seas John Hyde Seascape and rock set 16 Intermediate
100208Petw Mike Newman Petworth Park Set 15 Intermediate
100224Sell Gary Smith Sellafield Set 20 Intermediate
100226Refl Mark Davies Reflecting on my Landscape Photography skills Set 19 Intermediate
100235The Stewart Marsden The V Set 17 Intermediate
100240Towe Stuart Brocklebank Tower Bridge Set 16 Intermediate
100252Sier Raymond Lofthouse Sierra de Madrid Set 18 Intermediate
100254Star Bill Cooper Startops at Dusk Set 20 Intermediate
100260Olym John Wood Olympic Stadium at twilight Set 15 Intermediate
100276Rusk Ron Beattie Ruskins View Set 18 Intermediate
100284Zabr Ian Hooker Zabriski Point Set 16 Intermediate
100290earl Ariaan Winter early blossom set 17 Intermediate
100293Near Val Beattie Near Blea Tarn Set 16 Intermediate
200100Clou Andy Sands Clouded yellow butterfly on Corncockle Open 20 Intermediate
200106Cana John Hyde Canadian church open 17 Intermediate
200108New Mike Newman New Concourse, Kings Cross Open 19 Intermediate
200124Litt Gary Smith Little White House by the Lake Open 18 Intermediate
2001263 sh Mark Davies 3 shags Open 14 Intermediate
20013520.4 Stewart Marsden 20.45 Going Home Open 18 Intermediate
200140A Gl Stuart Brocklebank A Glass of Wine Open 15 Intermediate
200152Caus Raymond Lofthouse Causeway Open 18 Intermediate
200154Fire Bill Cooper Fire Risk Open 17 Intermediate
200160Laur John Wood Laura Open 16 Intermediate
200176More Ron Beattie Morecambe Sunset Open 16 Intermediate
200184Aria Ian Hooker Aria Open 17 Intermediate
200190and Ariaan Winter and a handlebar open 18 Intermediate
200193Heav Val Beattie Heavy Horses Open 15 Intermediate
200200Star Andy Sands Staring back at you Open 17 Intermediate
200206Elea John Hyde Eleanor's window open 18 Intermediate
200208Port Mike Newman Portrait Open 15 Intermediate
200224Seas Gary Smith Seascale Open 17 Intermediate
200226An e Mark Davies An exhibition Open 15 Intermediate
200235Apis Stewart Marsden Apis Mellifera Open 19 Intermediate
200240Fore Stuart Brocklebank Foresails Open 20 Intermediate
200252Oven Raymond Lofthouse Oven bird and nest Open 15 Intermediate
200254Japa Bill Cooper Japanese Gothic Lolita Fashion Open 16 Intermediate
200260Lond John Wood London 2012 Reflections Open 14 Intermediate
200276Red Ron Beattie Red Display Open 16 Intermediate
200284Cabl Ian Hooker CableCar Open 18 Intermediate
200290gras Ariaan Winter grasshead. open 20 Intermediate
200293Old Val Beattie Old Lakeland Quarry Open 15 Intermediate
200300Wren Andy Sands Wren singing Open 19 Intermediate
200306The John Hyde The old bellows open 18 Intermediate
200308Sinu Mike Newman Sinuous Seating Open 18 Intermediate
200324Whit Gary Smith Whitehaven Harbour Open 15 Intermediate
200326Cruc Mark Davies Crucified Open 19 Intermediate
200335Brow Stewart Marsden Brownstone Head Open 17 Intermediate
200340The Stuart Brocklebank The Bailey Open 16 Intermediate
200352Stri Raymond Lofthouse Striding Out Open 16 Intermediate
200354Wate Bill Cooper Water Sculpture Open 19 Intermediate
200360Look John Wood Looking out Open 19 Intermediate
200376Wait Ron Beattie Waiting for the Off Open 17 Intermediate
200384Sunr Ian Hooker Sunrise over the Rhine Open 19 Intermediate
200390pain Ariaan Winter painted bolts open 14 Intermediate
200393Suns Val Beattie Sunset over Morecambe Bay Open 17 Intermediate