CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2012 Competition 4 - Abstract
Judge - Chris Palmer ARPS AFIAP DPAGB APAGB Date - 2/01/2013
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Mark Davies 82 34 48 Intermediate
Mike Newman 79 29 50 Intermediate
Val Beattie 72 29 43 Intermediate
Mike Brown 79 33 46 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 79 29 50 Intermediate
John Wood 83 31 52 Intermediate
Raj Haran 77 29 48 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 80 35 45 Intermediate
Ariaan Winter 75 29 46 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 83 38 45 Intermediate
Peter Banyard 80 34 46 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 85 37 48 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 87 31 56 Intermediate
John Hyde 78 31 47 Intermediate
Andy Sands 56 0 56 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100105Man Mark Davies Man Set 18 Intermediate
100110Cano Mike Newman Canopy Mast Set 13 Intermediate
100124On t Val Beattie On the Rocks Set 13 Intermediate
100128Aspe Mike Brown Aspect of Large Figure in a Shelter Set 16 Intermediate
100135Lamp Raymond Lofthouse Lamplight Set 14 Intermediate
100141Blue John Wood Blue Fins Set 14 Intermediate
100145ceil Raj Haran ceiling set 15 Intermediate
10015350 S Ian Hooker 50 Shades of Grey Set 15 Intermediate
100163refl Ariaan Winter reflected set 14 Intermediate
100164Abst Ron Beattie Abstract on twigs and light Set 19 Intermediate
100183Flor Peter Banyard Floral star set 17 Intermediate
100191Span Bill Cooper Spanish Curves set 19 Intermediate
100193Fabr Stuart Brocklebank Fabric Abstract Set 15 Intermediate
100194Oil John Hyde Oil on water Set 16 Intermediate
100205Woma Mark Davies Woman Set 16 Intermediate
100210Stee Mike Newman Steel Trusses Set 16 Intermediate
100224Red Val Beattie Red Wheel Pattern Set 16 Intermediate
100228Deja Mike Brown Deja Vu Set 17 Intermediate
100235Medi Raymond Lofthouse Mediterranean Set 15 Intermediate
100241Bull John Wood Bullring Abstract Set 17 Intermediate
100245feat Raj Haran feathers set 14 Intermediate
100253Sunr Ian Hooker Sunrise over the Rhine Set 20 Intermediate
100263swin Ariaan Winter swinging chains set 15 Intermediate
100264Bar Ron Beattie Bar Stools Set 19 Intermediate
100283Oran Peter Banyard Orange sunrise set 17 Intermediate
100291Wate Bill Cooper Water Sculpture set 18 Intermediate
100293Vine Stuart Brocklebank Vine Lines Set 16 Intermediate
100294Sequ John Hyde Sequins 2 Set 15 Intermediate
200105Bran Mark Davies Branches spread Open 16 Intermediate
200110Bird Mike Newman Birds Eye View Open 16 Intermediate
200124Butt Val Beattie Butterfly on Pansy Open 14 Intermediate
200128Fish Mike Brown Fishing on Ninity Mile Beach Open 14 Intermediate
200135Clos Raymond Lofthouse Close of day Open 18 Intermediate
200141Fros John Wood Frosty morning in Cassiobury Park Open 20 Intermediate
200145feed Raj Haran feeding time open 16 Intermediate
200147King Andy Sands Kingfisher preening Open 20 Intermediate
200153Cana Ian Hooker Canary Wharf from Ally Pally Open 16 Intermediate
200163glas Ariaan Winter glass building open 15 Intermediate
200164Beac Ron Beattie Beach Art Open 14 Intermediate
200183man' Peter Banyard man's best friends open 14 Intermediate
200191Autu Bill Cooper Autumnal Rainbow open 16 Intermediate
200193 Pie Stuart Brocklebank Pienza Sunrise Open 20 Best In Show Intermediate
200194Art John Hyde Art Gallery Stairs Open 17 Intermediate
200205Oyst Mark Davies Oystercatchers Open 17 Intermediate
200210Wint Mike Newman Winter Promenade Open 17 Intermediate
200224Fish Val Beattie Fishermen get Everywhere Open 14 Intermediate
200228Shad Mike Brown Shadows Open 17 Intermediate
200235Indi Raymond Lofthouse Indian Babbler Open 16 Intermediate
200241Goin John Wood Going for Gold Open 16 Intermediate
200245Lond Raj Haran London skyline open 17 Intermediate
200247Male Andy Sands Male & female Emperor moth Open 17 Intermediate
200253Crac Ian Hooker Cracked Earth Open 14 Intermediate
200263oran Ariaan Winter orange sari open 15 Intermediate
200264Just Ron Beattie Just gone one Open 15 Intermediate
200283the Peter Banyard the lonely rose open 16 Intermediate
200291Boat Bill Cooper Boat Winch open 16 Intermediate
200293Curi Stuart Brocklebank Curious Child Open 20 Intermediate
200294End John Hyde End of the Journey Open 14 Intermediate
200305Pant Mark Davies Pantomine season. Oh no it's snot! Open 15 Intermediate
200310Wint Mike Newman Winter Scene Open 17 Intermediate
200324York Val Beattie Yorkshire Barns Open 15 Intermediate
200328Walk Mike Brown Walking By Open 15 Intermediate
200335Peni Raymond Lofthouse Penitents Open 16 Intermediate
200341Look John Wood Looking out Open 16 Intermediate
200345Tenb Raj Haran Tenby old life boat house open 15 Intermediate
200347Priv Andy Sands Privet hawkmoth third instar Open 19 Intermediate
200353Seag Ian Hooker Seagulls over Alcatraz Open 15 Intermediate
200363scal Ariaan Winter scales open 16 Intermediate
200364Ligh Ron Beattie Lights on the Lake Open 16 Intermediate
200383Tiju Peter Banyard Tijuana brass open 16 Intermediate
200391East Bill Cooper East End Geezer open 16 Intermediate
200393Emba Stuart Brocklebank Embankment towards St Pauls Open 16 Intermediate
200394Wild John Hyde Wild Flower Open 16 Intermediate