CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2013 Competition 4 - Street Photography
Judge - Graham Laughton HonPAGB Date - 05/02/2014
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Val Beattie 84 34 50 Intermediate
John Wood 86 37 49 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 88 34 54 Intermediate
Mike Newman 85 35 50 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 88 33 55 Intermediate
Raj Haran 82 32 50 Intermediate
John Hyde 82 33 49 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 86 35 51 Intermediate
Peter Banyard 78 31 47 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 88 38 50 Intermediate
Mike Brown 81 33 48 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 87 36 51 Intermediate
Andy Sands 58 0 58 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101Mark Val Beattie Market Little Trade Set 16 Intermediate
100102Tuck John Wood Tucking in Set 20 Intermediate
100103Pati Raymond Lofthouse Patience Set 16 Intermediate
100105Just Mike Newman Just Strolling By Set 18 Intermediate
100106Clea Ian Hooker Cleaning up the Banks Set 17 Intermediate
100107Rela Raj Haran Relaxing set 16 Intermediate
100108Beaf John Hyde Beafeaters at play Set 17 Intermediate
100109Grey Ron Beattie GreyStreets, Grey Town Set 18 Intermediate
100110A da Peter Banyard A day out Set 15 Intermediate
100111Bike Bill Cooper Bike, Body and Soul Set 20 Best In Show Intermediate
100112Disc Mike Brown Discussion Set 16 Intermediate
100113A We Stuart Brocklebank A Wet Walk Set 19 Intermediate
100201The Val Beattie The Staff of life Set 18 Intermediate
100202Walk John Wood Walk on by or stay and watch Set 17 Intermediate
100203Smar Raymond Lofthouse Smart Car Set 18 Intermediate
100205Out Mike Newman Out Shopping Set 17 Intermediate
100206Love Ian Hooker Love Set 16 Intermediate
100207Spit Raj Haran Spitalfield market set 16 Intermediate
100208Marr John Hyde Marrakech Set 16 Intermediate
100209Youn Ron Beattie Young Trader Set 17 Intermediate
100210Goin Peter Banyard Going home Set 16 Intermediate
100211Chri Bill Cooper Christmas Revellers, Brussels set 18 Intermediate
100212Taki Mike Brown Taking a Rest Set 17 Intermediate
100213I'm Stuart Brocklebank I'm on the steps Set 17 Intermediate
200101Autu Val Beattie Autumn Leaves Open 18 Intermediate
200102Curv John Wood Curves Open 17 Intermediate
200103Lava Raymond Lofthouse Lava and life Open 18 Intermediate
200104Blac Andy Sands Black tailed skimmer at dawn Open 19 Intermediate
200105From Mike Newman From The Ova Triptych Open 17 Intermediate
200106Appl Ian Hooker Apple Core Flambe Open 17 Intermediate
200107Angl Raj Haran Anglesey open 17 Intermediate
200108Autu John Hyde Autumn Open 18 Intermediate
200109Form Ron Beattie Formal Symmetry Open 16 Intermediate
200110Pill Peter Banyard Pillars, Pipes and Painting Open 15 Intermediate
200111Albe Bill Cooper Albert Dock, Liverpool open 17 Intermediate
200112Earl Mike Brown Early at Borough Market Open 15 Intermediate
200113Curi Stuart Brocklebank Curious Child Open 17 Intermediate
200201It's Val Beattie It's mine Open 16 Intermediate
200202Girl John Wood Girl with the pearl necklace Open 16 Intermediate
200203Swal Raymond Lofthouse Swallow-tailed gull Open 20 Intermediate
200204Male Andy Sands Male Redstart with Crane fly Open 19 Intermediate
200205Otte Mike Newman Otter At Speed Open 19 Intermediate
200206Can Ian Hooker Can We Go Home Now Open 20 Intermediate
200207fros Raj Haran frosty morning open 16 Intermediate
200208Llam John Hyde Llamas Open 15 Intermediate
200209Fros Ron Beattie Frosty Berries Open 18 Intermediate
200210The Peter Banyard The college quad Open 16 Intermediate
200211Stri Bill Cooper Stripes open 15 Intermediate
200212Home Mike Brown Homeward Bound Open 19 Intermediate
200213Pave Stuart Brocklebank Pavement Puddles Open 17 Intermediate
200301Port Val Beattie Portable Can-Can Open 16 Intermediate
200302Lady John Wood Lady of the lake no2 Open 16 Intermediate
200303The Raymond Lofthouse The finishing touch Open 16 Intermediate
200304Mayf Andy Sands Mayfly emerging at the waters surface Open 20 Intermediate
200305The Mike Newman The Shard Open 14 Intermediate
200306Is i Ian Hooker Is it a Bird, is it a Plane Open 18 Intermediate
200307Seal Raj Haran Seal with pup open 17 Intermediate
200308Star John Hyde Staring Eyes Open 16 Intermediate
200309More Ron Beattie Morecambe Bay Low Tide Open 17 Intermediate
200310The Peter Banyard The single candle Open 16 Intermediate
200311Tree Bill Cooper Tree Fern, Dicksonia antarctica open 18 Intermediate
200312Prep Mike Brown Preparing for Lunch Open 14 Intermediate
200313Tusc Stuart Brocklebank Tuscan Mohican Open 17 Intermediate