CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2013 Competition 6 - Weather and it's Effects
Judge - Keith Adams Date - 16/4/2014
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Mike Newman 87 35 52 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 89 38 51 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 89 38 51 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 88 34 54 Intermediate
Val Beattie 86 35 51 Intermediate
John Wood 88 36 52 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 86 33 53 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 96 38 58 Intermediate
Peter Banyard 51 0 51 Intermediate
Andy Sands 57 0 57 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100111Lear Mike Newman Learning Experience Set 17 Intermediate
100112Face Raymond Lofthouse Face in iced stream Set 18 Intermediate
100114Adve Bill Cooper Adverse Shopping Conditions Set 20 Intermediate
100115Snow Ron Beattie Snowy Herefordshire Set 17 Intermediate
100116Fros Val Beattie Frosty Leaf Set 16 Intermediate
100117So t John Wood So thats why its called Water Lane Set 18 Intermediate
100118Morn Stuart Brocklebank Morning Mist set 16 Intermediate
100119Can Ian Hooker Can We Go Home Now Set 19 Intermediate
100211Well Mike Newman Wellie Weather Set 18 Intermediate
100212Mist Raymond Lofthouse Misty return home Set 20 Intermediate
100214Brav Bill Cooper Braving the Flooded Footpath Set 18 Intermediate
100215Walk Ron Beattie Walking Weather Set 17 Intermediate
100216Snow Val Beattie Snowmen Set 19 Intermediate
100217Wate John Wood Waterlogged pitches Set 18 Intermediate
100218Rain Stuart Brocklebank Raindrops on Autumn Leaves set 17 Intermediate
100219Hidi Ian Hooker Hiding From the Snow Set 19 Intermediate
200110Cots Peter Banyard Cotswold saunter Open 17 Intermediate
200111At S Mike Newman At Speed Open 17 Intermediate
200112Autu Raymond Lofthouse Autumn Open 16 Intermediate
200113Male Andy Sands Male Pied flycatcher with prey Open 19 Intermediate
200114Dash Bill Cooper Dash Open 16 Intermediate
200115Abst Ron Beattie Abstract from a Wheel Open 18 Intermediate
200116Dale Val Beattie Dales Barns Open 18 Intermediate
2001172500 John Wood 250000 volts Open 19 Intermediate
200118But Stuart Brocklebank But is it Art open 17 Intermediate
200119In t Ian Hooker In the News Open 18 Intermediate
200210Meys Peter Banyard Meysey Hampton Open 16 Intermediate
200211Dayb Mike Newman Daybreak Open 17 Intermediate
200212Sies Raymond Lofthouse Siesta in the shadows Open 17 Intermediate
200213Mayf Andy Sands Mayfly emerging at the waters surface Open 18 Intermediate
200214Kaya Bill Cooper Kayaks at Marlow Open 16 Intermediate
200215High Ron Beattie High Street Sculpture Open 18 Intermediate
200216Nigh Val Beattie Nightfall Morecambe Bay Open 16 Intermediate
200217Morn John Wood Morning stillness on the Grand Union Open 17 Intermediate
200218Pari Stuart Brocklebank Parisien Chic open 18 Intermediate
200219Nick Ian Hooker Nick Open 20 Intermediate
200310Quir Peter Banyard Quire panorama Open 18 Intermediate
200311Foye Mike Newman Foyer, National Theatre Open 18 Intermediate
200312Swal Raymond Lofthouse Swallow-tailed gull1 Open 18 Intermediate
200313Red Andy Sands Red mason bee carrying mud Open 20 Intermediate
200314Step Bill Cooper Stephen Parry Throwing a Pot Open 19 Intermediate
200315Moto Ron Beattie Motorised Bling Open 18 Intermediate
200316St A Val Beattie St Albans Abbey Window Open 17 Intermediate
200317Summ John Wood Summer dreaming Open 16 Intermediate
200318Spok Stuart Brocklebank Spoke open 18 Intermediate
200319Tin Ian Hooker Tin Cup Open 20 Best In Show Intermediate