CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2014 Competition 1 - Landscape
Judge - TBA Date - 17/9/2014
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Peter Banyard 80 29 51 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 86 32 54 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 91 35 56 Intermediate
John Wood 85 36 49 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 83 35 48 Intermediate
John Hyde 85 34 51 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 84 39 45 Intermediate
Raj Haran 85 35 50 Intermediate
Mike Newman 78 30 48 Intermediate
Andy Sands 60 0 60 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101Coun Peter Banyard Country scene Set 14 Intermediate
100102Live Bill Cooper Liverpool's Albert Dock Set 16 Intermediate
100103As t Raymond Lofthouse As the sun sets on the altiplano Set 18 Intermediate
100104Mist John Wood Misty Morning Set 19 Intermediate
100105Star Stuart Brocklebank Startingdale Gill Set 17 Intermediate
100106Heav John Hyde Heavenly Rays Set 16 Intermediate
100107Floo Ian Hooker Flood Set 20 Intermediate
100109Albe Raj Haran Albert docks set 17 Intermediate
100110Beac Mike Newman Beach Patterns Set 15 Intermediate
100201Welc Peter Banyard Welcome home Set 15 Intermediate
100202Lond Bill Cooper London Cloudscape Set 16 Intermediate
100203Dune Raymond Lofthouse Dune Set 17 Intermediate
100204Sout John Wood South Downs vista Set 17 Intermediate
100205Zig- Stuart Brocklebank Zig-Zag at Keld Set 18 Intermediate
100206Last John Hyde Last Moments of Sun Set 18 Intermediate
100207Lake Ian Hooker Lake Nakuru Set 19 Intermediate
100209cass Raj Haran cassiobury pk set 18 Intermediate
100210Deca Mike Newman Decaying Tree Set 15 Intermediate
200101Been Peter Banyard Been here for ever Open 16 Intermediate
200102Blac Bill Cooper Blackfriars open 19 Intermediate
200103Risi Raymond Lofthouse Rising moon Open 18 Intermediate
200104Last John Wood Last light in Croatia Open 19 Intermediate
200105Live Stuart Brocklebank Livestock Auction Open 16 Intermediate
200106Fish John Hyde Fisherman at Peace Open 14 Intermediate
200107Fema Ian Hooker Female Ostrich Urinating Open 17 Intermediate
200108Gold Andy Sands Golden plover calling Open 20 Intermediate
200109Buck Raj Haran Buckfast Abbey Open 17 Intermediate
200110Blac Mike Newman Black Kite Open 15 Intermediate
200201Into Peter Banyard Into the light Open 17 Intermediate
200202Only Bill Cooper Only a Shower open 15 Intermediate
200203Saxo Raymond Lofthouse Saxophonist Open 20 Intermediate
200204Rose John Wood Rose Open 14 Intermediate
200205Scil Stuart Brocklebank Scillies Sunset Open 16 Intermediate
200206Glac John Hyde Glacier Open 20 Intermediate
200207Two Ian Hooker Two SLRs and a Video Open 14 Intermediate
200208Gree Andy Sands Green eyed bee Open 20 Intermediate
200209HMS Raj Haran HMS Belfast open 16 Intermediate
200210Foye Mike Newman Foyer, National Theatre Open 17 Intermediate
200301Pull Peter Banyard Pull up a chair Open 18 Intermediate
200302Vane Bill Cooper Vanessa Haynes open 20 Best In Show Intermediate
200303Stre Raymond Lofthouse Strength and speed Open 18 Intermediate
200304Stok John Wood Stoking the fire Open 16 Intermediate
200305Step Stuart Brocklebank Step Up Open 16 Intermediate
200306Tree John Hyde Tree Islands Open 17 Intermediate
200307Watc Ian Hooker Watching the Sunset Open 14 Intermediate
200308Hove Andy Sands Hoverfly covered in dew Open 20 Intermediate
200309Vick Raj Haran Vicky open 17 Intermediate
200310Grea Mike Newman Great Crested Grebe with Fish Open 16 Intermediate