CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2015 Competition 3 - People or Person
Judge - Dave Hipperson Date - 02/12/2015
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Lahiru Chinthana 75 29 46 Open
Chris Skinner 82 32 50 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 72 27 45 Intermediate
Raj Haran 81 33 48 Intermediate
Val Beattie 79 32 47 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 93 35 58 Intermediate
John Wood 81 34 47 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 81 35 46 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 86 34 52 Intermediate
John Hyde 81 30 51 Intermediate
Mike Newman 93 39 54 Intermediate
Andy Sands 51 0 51 Open



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101Let Lahiru Chinthana Let Me Check set 15 Open
100102It W Chris Skinner It Was'nt ME Set 17 Intermediate
100104Abbe Ron Beattie Abbey Choir Set 14 Intermediate
100105Shar Raj Haran Sharon set 18 Intermediate
100106Mich Val Beattie Michael from St Ives Set 16 Intermediate
100107Chri Bill Cooper Chris Stigers, Vocals and Tenor Sax Set 20 Intermediate
100108Deep John Wood Deep in thought Set 17 Intermediate
100109Man Stuart Brocklebank Man of the Lion Contrada Set 17 Intermediate
100110Look Raymond Lofthouse Looking back Set 18 Intermediate
100111Girl John Hyde Girl on a Carousel Set 14 Intermediate
100112Trav Mike Newman Traversing The Dome II Set 19 Intermediate
100201man Lahiru Chinthana man with tattoo set 14 Open
100202The Chris Skinner The Smile Set 15 Intermediate
100204I lo Ron Beattie I love my Ferrari Set 13 Intermediate
100205Surf Raj Haran Surfen U.S.A set 15 Intermediate
100206Proc Val Beattie Procession to the Abbey Set 16 Intermediate
100207On t Bill Cooper On the Colour Run Set 15 Intermediate
100208Stin John Wood Stina Set 17 Intermediate
100209The Stuart Brocklebank The Showman Set 18 Intermediate
100210Read Raymond Lofthouse Ready for battle Set 16 Intermediate
100211Swan John Hyde Swan Lake Set 16 Intermediate
100212Vick Mike Newman Vicki Set 20 Intermediate
200101Cast Lahiru Chinthana Castle in the Evening open 16 Open
20010210pp Chris Skinner 10pps Open 17 Intermediate
200103Duke Andy Sands Duke of burgundy Open 18 Intermediate
200104A mo Ron Beattie A moment on the Beach Open 16 Intermediate
200105aler Raj Haran alert open 17 Intermediate
200106Autu Val Beattie Autumn Woodland Open 15 Intermediate
200107Art Bill Cooper Art Deco Pool, Roublaix open 20 Intermediate
200108Ridi John Wood Riding the Newquay surf Open 16 Intermediate
200109High Stuart Brocklebank High Rise Open 14 Intermediate
200110Flig Raymond Lofthouse Flight at sunrise Open 18 Intermediate
200111Igua John Hyde Iguazu Waterfall Open 18 Intermediate
200112Blac Mike Newman Blacksmith Open 19 Intermediate
200201Moth Lahiru Chinthana Mothballed Drilling Rigs open 17 Open
2002021947 Chris Skinner 1947 Harvester Open 16 Intermediate
200203Jump Andy Sands Jumping spider Open 17 Intermediate
200204Big Ron Beattie Big Birds at Sunset Open 14 Intermediate
200205Swan Raj Haran Swanage jetty open 16 Intermediate
200206Suns Val Beattie Sunset Pattern Open 16 Intermediate
200207Back Bill Cooper Backlit Brimstone open 20 Best In Show Intermediate
200208The John Wood The Duke of Gloucester Open 14 Intermediate
200209Pair Stuart Brocklebank Pairs Open 16 Intermediate
200210Hard Raymond Lofthouse Hard haul Open 17 Intermediate
200211Mund John Hyde Munden Park Open 16 Intermediate
200212Cabl Mike Newman Cable Car Open 16 Intermediate
200301Self Lahiru Chinthana Selfie open 13 Open
200302Wind Chris Skinner Wind Power Open 17 Intermediate
200303Trum Andy Sands Trumpet chanterlelle Open 16 Intermediate
200304St I Ron Beattie St Ives Cottage Open 15 Intermediate
200305Top Raj Haran Top sail Island beach home open 15 Intermediate
200306Trai Val Beattie Train to Grange Open 16 Intermediate
200307Ten Bill Cooper Ten Morris Men Open 18 Intermediate
200308Urba John Wood Urban Gymnast Open 17 Intermediate
200309Pont Stuart Brocklebank Pont Y Pandy Slate Mill Open 16 Intermediate
200310Knoc Raymond Lofthouse Knock at the door Open 17 Intermediate
200311Sout John Hyde South American Church Open 17 Intermediate
200312Intr Mike Newman Intricate Mechanism Open 19 Intermediate