CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2015 Competition 4 - Modern World
Judge - Amanda Wright Date - 03/02/2015
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Stuart Brocklebank 86 33 53 Intermediate
Raj Haran 85 33 52 Intermediate
Mike Newman 85 34 51 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 83 31 52 Intermediate
Val Beattie 81 33 48 Intermediate
John Hyde 91 38 53 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 94 39 55 Intermediate
Chris Skinner 83 34 49 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 93 37 56 Intermediate
John Wood 89 37 52 Intermediate
Andy Sands 60 0 60 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101Mode Stuart Brocklebank Modern Poor among the Plenty Set 16 Intermediate
100102Mile Raj Haran Milenium bridge set 17 Intermediate
100103Driv Mike Newman Driverless Trains Serve The City Set 18 Intermediate
100104Conf Raymond Lofthouse Confucius he say.... Set 16 Intermediate
100105Read Val Beattie Ready for Rhythm Set 17 Intermediate
100106Sky- John Hyde Sky-High Set 20 Intermediate
100108Mode Ron Beattie Modern Living Set 19 Intermediate
100109Eco- Chris Skinner Eco-friendly Set 17 Intermediate
100110Gaud Bill Cooper Gaudi's Glory Set 18 Intermediate
100111Bull John Wood Bullring at night Set 18 Intermediate
100201Mode Stuart Brocklebank Modern yet Classic Set 17 Intermediate
100202Shar Raj Haran Shard set 16 Intermediate
100203New Mike Newman New Accomodation Overlooks The Old, Blackwall Set 16 Intermediate
100204Look Raymond Lofthouse Look where we are ! Set 15 Intermediate
100205Urba Val Beattie Urban Scene Set 16 Intermediate
100206We M John Hyde We Met on the Underground Set 18 Intermediate
100208Read Ron Beattie Ready for the Commute Set 20 Intermediate
100209Ulit Chris Skinner Ulitimate Communicator Set 17 Intermediate
100210The Bill Cooper The Can Can Set 19 Intermediate
100211Scra John Wood Scraping the Skies Set 19 Intermediate
200101Man Stuart Brocklebank Man of the Lion Contrada Open 19 Intermediate
200102Kate Raj Haran Kate open 17 Intermediate
200103A Be Mike Newman A Beach in Winter Open 17 Intermediate
200104Auro Raymond Lofthouse Aurora Open 17 Intermediate
200105Afte Val Beattie After the Storm on the Cobb Open 16 Intermediate
200106Bell John Hyde Bell Tower Open 18 Intermediate
200107Amet Andy Sands Amethyst deceiver toadstools Open 20 Best In Show Intermediate
200108A mo Ron Beattie A moment on the Beach Open 20 Intermediate
200109Back Chris Skinner Backlit Leaves Open 16 Intermediate
200110Chri Bill Cooper Chris Stigers, Vocals and Tenor Sax Open 19 Intermediate
200111A Sp John Wood A Splash of Red Open 17 Intermediate
200201Off Stuart Brocklebank Off with the Old Open 17 Intermediate
200202Rebe Raj Haran Rebecca Ferguson open 19 Intermediate
200203Dece Mike Newman Decending The Dome Open 17 Intermediate
200204Ball Raymond Lofthouse Balloons Open 18 Intermediate
200205St A Val Beattie St Albans Music Makers Open 16 Intermediate
200206Conn John Hyde Connection Open 19 Intermediate
200207Grea Andy Sands Greater stitchwort flower Open 20 Intermediate
200208Deta Ron Beattie Nottingham Town Hall-Detail Open 18 Intermediate
200209Gath Chris Skinner Gathering Storm Open 16 Intermediate
200210Dazz Bill Cooper Dazzled Detail Open 17 Intermediate
200211Mena John Wood Menacing Metrolpolis Open 17 Intermediate
200301The Stuart Brocklebank The Showman Open 17 Intermediate
200302Snow Raj Haran Snowfall at last open 16 Intermediate
200303Intr Mike Newman Intricate Mechanism Open 17 Intermediate
200304Rain Raymond Lofthouse Rainbow over the ice Open 17 Intermediate
200305Stil Val Beattie Still Life September Open 16 Intermediate
200306Wate John Hyde Waterfall Open 16 Intermediate
200307Wasp Andy Sands Wasp spider with prey Open 20 Intermediate
200308Will Ron Beattie Willow Open 17 Intermediate
200309Towa Chris Skinner Towards Ben Nevis Open 17 Intermediate
200310Isol Bill Cooper Isolation Open 20 Intermediate
200311Rugg John Wood Rugged Coast Open 18 Intermediate