CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2016 Competition 2 - Lines
Judge - Mary Ward LRPS Date - 26/10/2016
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Stuart Brocklebank 87 37 50 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 87 36 51 Intermediate
Mike Newman 94 39 55 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 88 37 51 Intermediate
Raj Haran 84 34 50 Intermediate
Val Beattie 90 36 54 Intermediate
John Hyde 90 37 53 Intermediate
John Wood 91 39 52 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 89 35 54 Intermediate
Andy Sands 60 0 60 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101Stai Stuart Brocklebank Staircase Set 18 Intermediate
100102Wash Raymond Lofthouse Washing lines Set 16 Intermediate
100103Bori Mike Newman Boris's Bikes Set 19 Intermediate
100104More Ron Beattie Morecambe Tern Project Set 17 Intermediate
100106Mark Raj Haran Market cafe set 17 Intermediate
100107Ball Val Beattie Ballet Line Set 17 Intermediate
100108Clif John Hyde Cliff Roads Set 18 Intermediate
100109Powe John Wood Power Lines Set 19 Intermediate
100110Stri Bill Cooper Stripes Set 17 Intermediate
100201Tram Stuart Brocklebank Tram seats Set 19 Intermediate
100202Wigg Raymond Lofthouse Wiggly lines Set 20 Intermediate
100203Brit Mike Newman Britsh Museum Abstract Set 20 Intermediate
100204Patt Ron Beattie Patterns on a fence Set 20 Intermediate
100206Roof Raj Haran Roof Terrace set 17 Intermediate
100207Leaf Val Beattie Leaf Veins Set 19 Intermediate
100208Lock John Hyde Lock Lines Set 19 Intermediate
100209Powe John Wood Power Lines 2 Set 20 Intermediate
100210Whit Bill Cooper Whitby West Pier Set 18 Intermediate
200101Quar Stuart Brocklebank Quartet Open 16 Intermediate
200102Golf Raymond Lofthouse Golf in the mist Open 17 Intermediate
200103Blac Mike Newman Blackfriars and The City Open 18 Intermediate
200104Dahl Ron Beattie Dahlia on Dahlias 2 Open 18 Intermediate
200105Blac Andy Sands Black chanterelle mushrooms Open 20 Intermediate
200106Cher Raj Haran Cherokee Indian loading a blow pipe open 17 Intermediate
200107Popp Val Beattie Popping Up Open 19 Intermediate
200108Cana John Hyde Canal Boats Open 17 Intermediate
200109Even John Wood Evening grasses Open 16 Intermediate
200110Masc Bill Cooper Mascot Open 19 Intermediate
200201Spla Stuart Brocklebank Splash Open 17 Intermediate
200202Puff Raymond Lofthouse Puffin landing Open 18 Intermediate
200203That Mike Newman That's Interesting Open 17 Intermediate
200204Mist Ron Beattie Misty Walk Open 16 Intermediate
200205Dart Andy Sands Dartford warbler Open 20 Intermediate
200206Jana Raj Haran Jana open 16 Intermediate
200207Rose Val Beattie Roses Open 17 Intermediate
200208Colo John Hyde Cologne Church Open 18 Intermediate
200209Fros John Wood Frosty morning in Cassiobury Park Open 19 Intermediate
200210Teds Bill Cooper Teds Open 17 Intermediate
200301The Stuart Brocklebank The Buddha Open 17 Intermediate
200302Roof Raymond Lofthouse Roof Open 16 Intermediate
200303West Mike Newman West Indian Band Open 20 Best In Show Intermediate
200304Rusk Ron Beattie Ruskins View 2 Open 17 Intermediate
200305Smal Andy Sands Small copper butterfly Open 20 Intermediate
200306Sink Raj Haran Sinks Falls open 17 Intermediate
200307The Val Beattie The Photographer Open 18 Intermediate
200308Silh John Hyde Silhouetted by the Moon Open 18 Intermediate
200309Unco John Wood Unconditional love Open 17 Intermediate
200310The Bill Cooper The Shelter Open 18 Intermediate