CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2017 Competition 2 - People or Person
Judge - Allan (Aussie) Thompson Date - 25/10/2017
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
John Hyde 87 36 51 Intermediate
Chris Skinner 81 33 48 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 85 32 53 Intermediate
Mike Newman 83 35 48 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 89 35 54 Intermediate
Raj Haran 87 36 51 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 91 35 56 Intermediate
John Wood 92 39 53 Intermediate
Andy Sands 56 0 56 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100102Camb John Hyde Cambodian Teacher and Child Set 17 Intermediate
100103Dori Chris Skinner Doris at 92 Set 17 Intermediate
100104Appl Stuart Brocklebank Applying the Flux Set 16 Intermediate
100105Read Mike Newman Ready and Waiting Set 17 Intermediate
100106Arti Raymond Lofthouse Artist at work Set 16 Intermediate
100107Hayl Raj Haran Hayley set 18 Intermediate
100108Huma Bill Cooper Human Tower, Barcelona Set 18 Intermediate
100109Stin John Wood Stina Set 20 Intermediate
100202Mark John Hyde Market workers Vietnam Set 19 Intermediate
100203Fun Chris Skinner Fun at the Prom Set 16 Intermediate
100204Don' Stuart Brocklebank Don't Ask Set 16 Intermediate
100205Sama Mike Newman Samantha 1 Set 18 Intermediate
100206Para Raymond Lofthouse Parade Set 19 Intermediate
100207Rebe Raj Haran Rebecca Ferguson set 18 Intermediate
100208My F Bill Cooper My Friend is a Zombie set 17 Intermediate
100209Summ John Wood Summer Set 19 Intermediate
200101Keel Andy Sands Keeled Skimmer dragonfly scratching his head Open 17 Intermediate
200102Lago John Hyde Lagoon Open 18 Intermediate
200103Moun Chris Skinner Mountain Gateway 2 Open 16 Intermediate
200104Refl Stuart Brocklebank Reflective Open 17 Intermediate
200105A Gr Mike Newman A Grey Evening On The Millenium Bridge Open 16 Intermediate
200106Deli Raymond Lofthouse Delicacy Open 18 Intermediate
200107Firs Raj Haran First ever Cast iron Bridge open 16 Intermediate
200108Cres Bill Cooper Crested Crane open 19 Intermediate
200109Aban John Wood Abandoned fishing boat Open 17 Intermediate
200201Smal Andy Sands Small Copper roosting on Milkweed Open 20 Intermediate
200202Stre John Hyde Street Scene Jerusalem Open 17 Intermediate
200203Tham Chris Skinner Thames New and Past Open 15 Intermediate
200204Step Stuart Brocklebank Stepping down Open 16 Intermediate
200205Even Mike Newman Evening, Southbank Open 16 Intermediate
200206El C Raymond Lofthouse El Charco Bay Open 18 Intermediate
200207havi Raj Haran having fun open 17 Intermediate
200208Lady Bill Cooper Ladybird in the Rose open 20 Intermediate
200209Powe John Wood Power Lines 2 Open 18 Intermediate
200301Will Andy Sands Willow warbler singing Open 19 Intermediate
200302Suff John Hyde Suffolk Sunset Open 16 Intermediate
200303Walk Chris Skinner Walkway with Angles Open 17 Intermediate
200304Subt Stuart Brocklebank Subtle light Open 20 Best In Show Intermediate
200305Tall Mike Newman Tallships on a Grey Day Open 16 Intermediate
200306Trop Raymond Lofthouse Tropical grasshopper Open 18 Intermediate
200307Swan Raj Haran Swanage pier open 18 Intermediate
200308Spit Bill Cooper Spitalfields in Modern TImes Open 17 Intermediate
200309Vanc John Wood Vancouver Island Driftwood Open 18 Intermediate