CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2019 Competition 4 - Creative
Judge - Peter Cox LRPS Date - 05/02/2020
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Simon Lurie 83 33 50 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 89 35 54 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 83 32 51 Intermediate
Raj Haran 81 33 48 Intermediate
John Wood 83 33 50 Intermediate
John Hyde 84 34 50 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 86 36 50 Intermediate
Mike Newman 87 38 49 Intermediate
Miranda Steward 54 0 54 Intermediate
Andy Sands 56 0 56 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100102Chec Simon Lurie Checked Set 16 Intermediate
100103Clim Bill Cooper Climate Emergency Set 17 Intermediate
100104Twir Raymond Lofthouse Twirl Set 16 Intermediate
100106Autm Raj Haran Autmn colours Set 16 Intermediate
100107Colo John Wood Coloured discs Set 17 Intermediate
100108Art John Hyde Art Gallery Stairs Set 19 Intermediate
100109Self Stuart Brocklebank Self portraits Set 17 Intermediate
100110Abst Mike Newman Abstract Laced Up Blue Corset Set 18 Intermediate
100202Colo Simon Lurie Colourblind Set 17 Intermediate
100203Noti Bill Cooper Noticeboard Reflection Set 18 Intermediate
100204Wing Raymond Lofthouse Wings Set 16 Intermediate
100206Cabl Raj Haran Cableswing ride Set 17 Intermediate
100207Gold John Wood Golden cables Set 16 Intermediate
100208Stra John Hyde Strange plants Set 15 Intermediate
100209Wave Stuart Brocklebank Wavey beach huts Set 19 Intermediate
100210Alie Mike Newman Alien Cyborg Set 20 Best In Show Intermediate
200101An U Miranda Steward An Unusal Nest open 18 Intermediate
200102Hang Simon Lurie Hanging On Open 16 Intermediate
200103Fly Bill Cooper Fly Orchid Open 18 Intermediate
200104Ball Raymond Lofthouse Balloons at sunrise Open 18 Intermediate
200105Comm Andy Sands Common Blue Pair Open 20 Intermediate
200106Arct Raj Haran Arctic Turn in Farne Open 17 Intermediate
200107Skys John Wood Skyscraper glow Open 16 Intermediate
200108Cant John Hyde Canterbury Open 17 Intermediate
200109Dune Stuart Brocklebank Dunes and Tamarisk Open 16 Intermediate
200110Box Mike Newman Box Junction Open 16 Intermediate
200201Enjo Miranda Steward Enjoying a Snack Open 20 Intermediate
200202Mirr Simon Lurie Mirror Glass, Glass Bottle Open 17 Intermediate
200203The Bill Cooper The i360 from the Brighton Bandstand Open 16 Intermediate
200204City Raymond Lofthouse City of Science, Valencia Open 16 Intermediate
200205Comm Andy Sands Common Eyelash Fungi Open 19 Intermediate
200206Chim Raj Haran Chimney pots at dawn Open 16 Intermediate
200207The John Wood The Oculus Open 15 Intermediate
200208Gran John Hyde Grand Canyon Open 17 Intermediate
200209Low Stuart Brocklebank Low light Dunstable Downs Open 17 Intermediate
200210Lady Mike Newman Lady Elizabeth Open 17 Intermediate
200301What Miranda Steward Whatya Looking At Open 16 Intermediate
200302The Simon Lurie The River Runs Through It Open 17 Intermediate
200303The Bill Cooper The Wood Nymph Open 20 Intermediate
200304Gold Raymond Lofthouse Golden seeds Open 17 Intermediate
200305Hero Andy Sands Heron carrying nesting material Open 17 Intermediate
200306Stud Raj Haran Studland beach huts Open 15 Intermediate
200307The John Wood The Vessel Open 19 Intermediate
200308Yach John Hyde Yacht Open 16 Intermediate
200309Your Stuart Brocklebank Your Move Open 17 Intermediate
200310Thin Mike Newman Thinking Figure Open 16 Intermediate