CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2020 Competition 2 - People or Person (PDI)
Judge - Colin MIll BPE2 Date - 28/10/2020
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Linda Gransby 84 31 53 Intermediate
Simon Lurie 78 27 51 Intermediate
Mike Newman 74 31 43 Intermediate
Miranda Steward 82 31 51 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 84 35 49 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 95 40 55 Intermediate
John Wood 88 36 52 Intermediate
John Hyde 83 35 48 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 83 35 48 Intermediate
Andy Sands 57 0 57 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101The Linda Gransby The fishing pond Set 14 Intermediate
100102Holi Simon Lurie Holi Bride at Jal Mahal Jaipur Water palace set 13 Intermediate
100103Thin Mike Newman Thinking Figure Set 13 Intermediate
100104Not Miranda Steward Not Another Tourist set 15 Intermediate
100105Acup Raymond Lofthouse Acupuncture on the street Set 18 Intermediate
100106Catc Bill Cooper Catchup in Covid Times Set 20 Intermediate
100107Isab John Wood Isabelle Set 18 Intermediate
100109Japa John Hyde Japanese Man_ Set 19 Intermediate
100110Read Stuart Brocklebank Reading on the groyne 2 Set 17 Intermediate
100201Who' Linda Gransby Who's next.... Set 17 Intermediate
100202Indi Simon Lurie Indira set 14 Intermediate
100203Vick Mike Newman Vicki Set 18 Intermediate
100204That Miranda Steward Thats Mine set 16 Intermediate
100205Hats Raymond Lofthouse Hats on high Set 17 Intermediate
100206Conv Bill Cooper Convergence Set 20 Intermediate
100207Summ John Wood Summer Set 18 Intermediate
100209Wedd John Hyde Wedding Preparations Shanghai Set 16 Intermediate
100210Trip Stuart Brocklebank Triptych 2 Set 18 Intermediate
200101Afte Linda Gransby After the rain Open 19 Intermediate
200102 Ful Simon Lurie Full Circle Open 20 Intermediate
200103Borr Mike Newman Borrowdale from Castle grag B&W Open 17 Intermediate
200104He's Miranda Steward He's Behind You open 18 Intermediate
200105Dusk Raymond Lofthouse Dusk in the bay Open 16 Intermediate
200106Comm Bill Cooper Common Blue on Rye-grass Open 20 Intermediate
200107Band John Wood Banded Demoiselle Open 16 Intermediate
200108Horn Andy Sands Horned treehoppers Open 20 Best In Show Intermediate
200109Shin John Hyde Shingle Beach_ Open 17 Intermediate
200110Disa Stuart Brocklebank Disassembled Open 15 Intermediate
200201Old Linda Gransby Old Kings Lynn Open 16 Intermediate
200202Duba Simon Lurie Dubai sunset Open 17 Intermediate
200203Flam Mike Newman Flamingos Open 16 Intermediate
200204The Miranda Steward The Secretary Bird open 17 Intermediate
200205Fish Raymond Lofthouse Fishing in heavy seas Open 18 Intermediate
200206Puff Bill Cooper Puffins on Staple Island Open 18 Intermediate
200207Stor John Wood Storm Ellen batters Porthleven Open 19 Intermediate
200208Horn Andy Sands Hornet Robberfly Feeding Open 18 Intermediate
200209Stil John Hyde Still Life_ Open 15 Intermediate
200210Dist Stuart Brocklebank Distant Neighbours Open 19 Intermediate
200301Race Linda Gransby Race against time Open 18 Intermediate
200302Hang Simon Lurie Hanging On Open 14 Intermediate
200303Soli Mike Newman Solid Slate Foundations Open 10 Intermediate
200304What Miranda Steward What Are You Doing Here open 16 Intermediate
200305Lone Raymond Lofthouse Lone tree Open 15 Intermediate
200306Rush Bill Cooper Rush Hour in Porto Open 17 Intermediate
200307Whea John Wood Wheal Coates, St Agnes Open 17 Intermediate
200308Slim Andy Sands Slime Moulds Open 19 Intermediate
200309Wate John Hyde Water Play_ Open 16 Intermediate
200310St T Stuart Brocklebank St Thomas, Romney Marsh 2 Open 14 Intermediate