CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2021 Competition 2 - Industry
Judge - Mark Buckley-Sharp ARPS(hon) CPAGB honAPAGB Date - 03/11/2021
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
John Hyde 77 34 43 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 89 38 51 Intermediate
Linda Gransby 80 34 46 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 78 33 45 Intermediate
John Clark 86 33 53 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 88 36 52 Intermediate
John Wood 87 35 52 Intermediate
Andy Sands 59 0 59 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101Fact John Hyde Factory on a mountain Set 17 Intermediate
100102Bloc Stuart Brocklebank Block printing fabric, India Set 20 Intermediate
100103Helt Linda Gransby Helter Skelter Set 17 Intermediate
100104Harw Raymond Lofthouse Harwich Docks Set 16 Intermediate
100106Stea John Clark Steam Power Set 17 Intermediate
100107Frog Bill Cooper Frogmore Paper Mill Set 18 Intermediate
100108Bygo John Wood Bygones of industry Set 19 Intermediate
100201Indu John Hyde Industrial area Set 17 Intermediate
100202Conc Stuart Brocklebank Concrete elevator, bowl by bowl Set 18 Intermediate
100203Indu Linda Gransby Industry reinvented Set 17 Intermediate
100204Manc Raymond Lofthouse Manchester Canals Set 17 Intermediate
100206Well John Clark Well polished Set 16 Intermediate
100207The Bill Cooper The Walthamstow Engine House Set 18 Intermediate
100208Corn John Wood Cornish industry of the past Set 16 Intermediate
200101Coun John Hyde Country Scene Open 14 Intermediate
200102Blow Stuart Brocklebank Blow gently Open 16 Intermediate
200103Beac Linda Gransby Beach walk Open 16 Intermediate
200104Blue Raymond Lofthouse Blue among the green Open 15 Intermediate
200105Crib Andy Sands Cribraria Slime Moulds Open 20 Intermediate
200106Morn John Clark Morning mist Open 18 Intermediate
200107Mili Bill Cooper Military Horse Open 18 Intermediate
200108Clim John Wood Climate change Open 15 Intermediate
200201Hydr John Hyde Hydrangea Open 15 Intermediate
200202Patt Stuart Brocklebank Patterns and Scooter Open 18 Intermediate
200203Cros Linda Gransby Crossroads Open 15 Intermediate
200204Hey Raymond Lofthouse Hey I'm over here Open 14 Intermediate
200205Empe Andy Sands Emperor moth caterpillar in new skin Open 20 Best In Show Intermediate
200206On T John Clark On The fence Open 18 Intermediate
200207Nest Bill Cooper Nesting Shag with Young Open 19 Intermediate
200208Tate John Wood Tate staircase Open 20 Intermediate
200301Risi John Hyde Rising Storm over Sunflowers Open 14 Intermediate
200302Urba Stuart Brocklebank Urban downtime Open 17 Intermediate
200303Time Linda Gransby Time for a break Open 15 Intermediate
200304Scho Raymond Lofthouse Schooner Open 16 Intermediate
200305Snai Andy Sands Snail killing fly Open 19 Intermediate
200306Twis John Clark Twister Open 17 Intermediate
200307The Bill Cooper The No Nonsense Door Open 15 Intermediate
200308The John Wood The Vessel Open 17 Intermediate