CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2021 Competition 3 - Action
Judge - Cat Humphries Date - 01/12/2021
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
John Wood 84 32 52 Intermediate
John Clark 79 31 48 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 79 34 45 Intermediate
Steven Lindall 88 37 51 Intermediate
John Hyde 74 29 45 Intermediate
Linda Gransby 84 36 48 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 88 32 56 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 85 37 48 Intermediate
Andy Sands 55 0 55 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101Ridi John Wood Riding the Newquay surf Set 17 Intermediate
100102Numb John Clark Number 9 Set 16 Intermediate
100103Head Raymond Lofthouse Heading for a try Set 15 Intermediate
100104Leav Steven Lindall Leave my Cubs ALONE Set 20 Intermediate
100105Rehe John Hyde Rehearsal for Nutcracker Set 15 Intermediate
100106...l Linda Gransby Set 20 Intermediate
100108Came Bill Cooper Camera, ACTION Set 16 Intermediate
100109Agre Stuart Brocklebank Agression Set 18 Intermediate
100201Wemb John Wood Wembley dreams come true Set 15 Intermediate
100202Tomb John Clark Tombstoning Set 15 Intermediate
100203Wind Raymond Lofthouse Wind Surfer Set 19 Intermediate
100204Side Steven Lindall Side by Side up Hailwoods Set 17 Intermediate
100205Wate John Hyde Water play Set 14 Intermediate
100206Clim Linda Gransby Climb Set 16 Intermediate
100208Danc Bill Cooper Dancing at the Marylebone Fayre Set 16 Intermediate
100209Just Stuart Brocklebank Just Off Set 19 Intermediate
200101Lady John Wood Lady of the lake Open 19 Intermediate
200102Mead John Clark Meadow flowers Open 15 Intermediate
200103Leav Raymond Lofthouse Leaves Open 14 Intermediate
200104Puff Steven Lindall Puffin Open 16 Intermediate
200105Chih John Hyde Chihooly Glass Open 14 Intermediate
200106Joy Linda Gransby Joy on wheels Open 17 Intermediate
200107Gree Andy Sands Green Malachite Beetle Open 20 Intermediate
200108Down Bill Cooper Downpour Open 20 Best In Show Intermediate
200109Autu Stuart Brocklebank Autumn at Wisley Open 15 Intermediate
200201Ripp John Wood Ripples in the sand Open 16 Intermediate
200202Morn John Clark Morning mist Open 16 Intermediate
200203Saxa Raymond Lofthouse Saxaphone player Open 16 Intermediate
200204Riev Steven Lindall Rievaux Abbey Open 16 Intermediate
200205Labu John Hyde Laburnum Open 16 Intermediate
200206Lunc Linda Gransby Lunch break Open 15 Intermediate
200207Monk Andy Sands Monkey Orchid Open 16 Intermediate
200208Jack Bill Cooper Jackdaw Open 18 Intermediate
200209Ligh Stuart Brocklebank Light fingered Open 17 Intermediate
200301Vict John Wood Victoria Open 17 Intermediate
200302Yell John Clark Yellow Daisies Open 17 Intermediate
200303The Raymond Lofthouse The Wave Open 15 Intermediate
200304Spit Steven Lindall Spitfire Mk IXb Open 19 Intermediate
200305My t John Hyde My turn now Open 15 Intermediate
200306Rust Linda Gransby Rusty Locks Open 16 Intermediate
200307Stem Andy Sands Stemonitis Slime Moulds Open 19 Intermediate
200308St G Bill Cooper St George looks down, Segrada Familia Open 18 Intermediate
200309Patt Stuart Brocklebank Pattern reflections Open 16 Intermediate