CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Monthly 2021 Competition 4 - On Holy Ground
Judge - Dave Hipperson Date - 19/01/2022
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
John Wood 88 32 56 Intermediate
Raymond Lofthouse 87 37 50 Intermediate
Linda Gransby 80 32 48 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 78 33 45 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 83 31 52 Intermediate
John Hyde 79 28 51 Intermediate
Steven Lindall 90 38 52 Intermediate
John Clark 77 33 44 Intermediate
Andy Sands 56 0 56 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100102End John Wood End of choir practice Set 14 Intermediate
100103At p Raymond Lofthouse At prayer Set 20 Best In Show Intermediate
100104Devo Linda Gransby Devotion Set 18 Intermediate
100105Choi Stuart Brocklebank Choir Practice Set 16 Intermediate
100106The Bill Cooper The Neasden Hindu Mandir Set 15 Intermediate
100107Buen John Hyde Buenos Aires Cemetery Set 13 Intermediate
100108Baha Steven Lindall Bahai Temple and Gardens Set 19 Intermediate
100109A sa John Clark A sailors last voyage Set 16 Intermediate
100202St A John Wood St Albans Catherdral Tower Set 18 Intermediate
100203Brom Raymond Lofthouse Brompton cemetery Set 17 Intermediate
100204Temp Linda Gransby Temple Market 1 Set 14 Intermediate
100205Gorm Stuart Brocklebank Gormley in Winchester crypt Set 17 Intermediate
100206The Bill Cooper The Shrine of St Alban Set 16 Intermediate
100207Old John Hyde Old Church and Cemetery Set 15 Intermediate
100208The Steven Lindall The Cloisters Gloucester Cathedral Set 19 Intermediate
100209At r John Clark At rest Set 17 Intermediate
200101Cuck Andy Sands Cuckoo wasp in defense posture Open 17 Intermediate
200102Heav John Wood Heavenly Light Open 18 Intermediate
200103Refl Raymond Lofthouse Reflections in the lily pond Open 17 Intermediate
200104Clic Linda Gransby Click! Open 17 Intermediate
200105Agre Stuart Brocklebank Agression Open 15 Intermediate
2001061743 Bill Cooper 1743 St Pancras Open 16 Intermediate
200107Anta John Hyde Antarctic Open 17 Intermediate
200108Bore Steven Lindall Bored Open 17 Intermediate
200109Numb John Clark Number 9 Open 13 Intermediate
200201Lady Andy Sands Ladybird at dawn Open 19 Intermediate
200202Koh John Wood Koh Phi Phi Open 18 Intermediate
200203Wine Raymond Lofthouse Wine on the beach Open 19 Intermediate
200204Lunc Linda Gransby Lunch Break 2 Open 15 Intermediate
200205Bloc Stuart Brocklebank Block printing fabric, India Open 15 Intermediate
200206Blue Bill Cooper Blue on Green Open 18 Intermediate
200207Chur John Hyde Church in Marlow Open 19 Intermediate
200208Comm Steven Lindall Common Shiny Woodlouse Open 16 Intermediate
200209Slin John Clark Slinky Open 15 Intermediate
200301Phys Andy Sands Physarum album slime moulds Open 20 Intermediate
200302The John Wood The Girl Open 20 Intermediate
200303Yell Raymond Lofthouse Yellow-legged Gull in Benidorm Open 14 Intermediate
200304Patr Linda Gransby Patriotic Puddle 1 Open 16 Intermediate
200305Just Stuart Brocklebank Just Off Open 15 Intermediate
200306Pitc Bill Cooper Pitcher Plants Open 18 Intermediate
200307Coun John Hyde Countryside Cafe Open 15 Intermediate
200308Sout Steven Lindall Southern Migrant Hawker Open 19 Intermediate
200309Wint John Clark Winter's day Open 16 Intermediate