CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Print Monthly 2014 Competition 1 - Landscape (prints)
Judge - Allan (Aussie) Thomson Date - 01/10/2014
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
John Hyde 64 16 48 Intermediate
Ariaan Winter 62 16 46 Intermediate
John Clark 76 20 56 Intermediate
Val Beattie 70 17 53 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 72 19 53 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 70 15 55 Intermediate
Douglas Farrant 60 14 46 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 66 17 49 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 71 18 53 Intermediate
Mike Newman 73 18 55 Intermediate
Andy Sands 57 0 57 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101Glac John Hyde Glacier Set 16 Intermediate
100102Lake Ariaan Winter Lake District, Broken Wall Set 16 Intermediate
100103The John Clark The Tarn Set 20 Best in Class Intermediate
100104Lune Val Beattie Lune Valley Set 17 Intermediate
100105Floo Ian Hooker Flood Set 19 Intermediate
100106Live Bill Cooper Liverpool's Albert Dock set 15 Intermediate
100108Rhap Douglas Farrant Rhapsody in Blue Set 14 Intermediate
100109Snow Ron Beattie Snowy Dawn Set 17 Intermediate
100110Fiel Stuart Brocklebank Fieldwork Set 18 Intermediate
100111Ashn Mike Newman Ashness Bridge Set 18 Intermediate
200101Maho John Hyde Mahonia Open 16 Intermediate
200102Lond Ariaan Winter London, Reflected Open 16 Intermediate
200103Hub John Clark Hub Lines Open 18 Intermediate
200104Jay Val Beattie Jay in the Snow Open 15 Intermediate
200105Bike Ian Hooker Bike Jump Open 16 Intermediate
200106Bamb Bill Cooper Bamboo Thicket Open 17 Intermediate
200107Burn Andy Sands Burnet moth covered in dew Open 20 Intermediate
200108Head Douglas Farrant Heading for Disaster-Just Missed open 15 Intermediate
200109Gold Ron Beattie Golden Spring Open 17 Intermediate
200110Arm Stuart Brocklebank Arm in arm Open 18 Intermediate
200111At S Mike Newman At Speed Open 18 Intermediate
200201Tree John Hyde Tree Spirit Open 14 Intermediate
200202Red, Ariaan Winter Red, White, BLue and Yellow Open 15 Intermediate
200203Owl John Clark Owl Open 20 Intermediate
200204St P Val Beattie St Pancras Frieze Open 20 Intermediate
200205The Ian Hooker The Face Open 18 Intermediate
200206The Bill Cooper The Biker open 20 Best in Class Intermediate
200207Snip Andy Sands Snipe in the rain Open 18 Intermediate
200208Some Douglas Farrant Some Kind of Chimney Sweep open 15 Intermediate
200209Stud Ron Beattie Study in Foam Open 16 Intermediate
200210Off Stuart Brocklebank Off to Work Open 20 Intermediate
200211Dayb Mike Newman Daybreak Open 19 Intermediate
200301Vill John Hyde Village Lane Open 18 Intermediate
200302The Ariaan Winter The lion at his Feet Open 15 Intermediate
200303Wind John Clark Windsurfers Open 18 Intermediate
200304Thre Val Beattie Three of a Kind Open 18 Intermediate
200305Tin Ian Hooker Tin Cup Open 19 Intermediate
200306Vane Bill Cooper Vanessa Haynes Sings open 18 Intermediate
200307Wasp Andy Sands Wasp Spider Open 19 Intermediate
200308Two Douglas Farrant Two Types of Horsepower-Speed the Plough open 16 Intermediate
200309Thro Ron Beattie Through the Ford Open 16 Intermediate
200310Simp Stuart Brocklebank Simply White Open 15 Intermediate
200311Foye Mike Newman Foyer, National Theatre Open 18 Intermediate