CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Print Monthly 2014 Competition 2 - People or Person Print
Judge - Mary Ward LRPS Date - 26/11/2014
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Winston Edwards 51 17 34 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 70 17 53 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 78 20 58 Intermediate
Ian Hooker 73 20 53 Intermediate
John Hyde 70 20 50 Intermediate
Val Beattie 68 16 52 Intermediate
John Clark 76 19 57 Intermediate
Mike Newman 72 19 53 Intermediate
Ariaan Winter 67 17 50 Intermediate
Stuart Brocklebank 71 18 53 Intermediate
Chris Skinner 70 17 53 Intermediate
Andy Sands 58 0 58 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101In a Winston Edwards In a Shanghai Park set 17 Intermediate
100102Phot Ron Beattie Photographer at Work! Set 17 Intermediate
100103The Bill Cooper The Biker set 20 Intermediate
100104Stre Ian Hooker Street Tailor Set 20 Best in Class Intermediate
10010518th John Hyde 18th Century Woman Set 20 Intermediate
100107Love Val Beattie Lovely Cauli Set 16 Intermediate
100108Go o John Clark Go on Move! Set 19 Intermediate
100109Dayb Mike Newman Daybreak Set 19 Intermediate
100110Musi Ariaan Winter Music in the Park set 17 Intermediate
100111Shee Stuart Brocklebank Sheep Auction. Hawes Set 18 Intermediate
100112Love Chris Skinner Love Boat Set 17 Intermediate
200101impr Winston Edwards improving nature open 16 Intermediate
200102Abbe Ron Beattie Abbey Stonework Open 19 Intermediate
200103Easy Bill Cooper Easy Rider open 20 Intermediate
200104Ambo Ian Hooker Amboseli Dawn Open 17 Intermediate
200105Appe John Hyde Appearing out of the Mist Open 17 Intermediate
200106Band Andy Sands Banded demoiselle at dawn Open 20 Best in Class Intermediate
200107Boat Val Beattie Boats at Lyme Regis Open 16 Intermediate
200108Autu John Clark Autumn Tarn Open 19 Intermediate
200109Foye Mike Newman Foyer, National Theatre Open 18 Intermediate
200110Deli Ariaan Winter Delicate open 16 Intermediate
200111Gond Stuart Brocklebank Gondola Gondola Open 18 Intermediate
200112Into Chris Skinner Into the Mist-2 open 18 Intermediate
200201shac Winston Edwards shack open 18 Intermediate
200202Cumb Ron Beattie Cumbrian Weather Open 17 Intermediate
200203Lunc Bill Cooper Lunch Break, Central St Martins Open 18 Intermediate
200204Byla Ian Hooker Byland Abbey at Dusk Open 18 Intermediate
200205Natu John Hyde Nature's Patterns Open 16 Intermediate
200206Eart Andy Sands Earth ball fungi Open 18 Intermediate
200207Cher Val Beattie Cherry Tree Leaves Open 18 Intermediate
200208Here John Clark Here's Looking at You Open 18 Intermediate
200209Grea Mike Newman Great Crested Grebe with Fish Open 18 Intermediate
200210Lily Ariaan Winter Lily open 17 Intermediate
200211Gras Stuart Brocklebank Grassington Barns Open 17 Intermediate
200212The Chris Skinner The Borough Open 18 Intermediate
200302Moto Ron Beattie Motorcycle Bling Open 17 Intermediate
200303Nigh Bill Cooper Night at the Museum open 20 Intermediate
200304Floo Ian Hooker Flood Open 18 Intermediate
200305Pede John Hyde Pedestrian Street Open 17 Intermediate
200306Gold Andy Sands Golden plover calling Open 20 Intermediate
200307Lune Val Beattie Lune Valley Open 18 Intermediate
200308Pier John Clark Pier at Dusk Open 20 Intermediate
200309Tree Mike Newman Tree Hugger Open 17 Intermediate
200310Refl Ariaan Winter Reflected Bridge open 17 Intermediate
200311Tumm Stuart Brocklebank Tummel in Flood Open 18 Intermediate
200312Vict Chris Skinner Victoria open 17 Intermediate