CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Print Monthly 2014 Competition 4 - Connections
Judge - Jim Nemer Date - 25/02/2015
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Stuart Brocklebank 70 16 54 Intermediate
John Clark 69 17 52 Intermediate
Mike Newman 74 20 54 Intermediate
Chris Skinner 74 18 56 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 73 18 55 Intermediate
Ariaan Winter 69 19 50 Intermediate
Val Beattie 71 19 52 Intermediate
Douglas Farrant 65 17 48 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 74 19 55 Intermediate
John Hyde 72 20 52 Intermediate
Andy Sands 59 0 59 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101Maki Stuart Brocklebank Making the Connections Set 16 Intermediate
100102Pier John Clark Oil & Grime Set 17 Intermediate
100103Conn Mike Newman Connections Set 20 Intermediate
100104High Chris Skinner High Voltage Connections Set 18 Intermediate
100105King Bill Cooper Kings Cross Terminus Set 18 Intermediate
100107The Ariaan Winter The Fire Escape Set 19 Intermediate
100108Welc Val Beattie Welcome Home, from St Pancras Frieze Set 19 Intermediate
100109A We Douglas Farrant A Weir between Rivers Set 17 Intermediate
100110We'r Ron Beattie We're Different but Connected Set 19 Intermediate
100111Conn John Hyde Connected Set 20 Best in Class Intermediate
200101Gond Stuart Brocklebank Gondola Gondola Open 17 Intermediate
200102Look John Clark Pier at Dusk Open 18 Intermediate
200103That Mike Newman That's Some Extension Open 18 Intermediate
200104Hell Chris Skinner Hellebores Open 20 Intermediate
200105Lunc Bill Cooper Lunch Break, Central St Martins Open 19 Intermediate
200106Burn Andy Sands Burnet moth covered in dew Open 20 Intermediate
200107Gree Ariaan Winter Green Building Open 17 Intermediate
200108Fros Val Beattie Frosty Fallen Leaf Open 18 Intermediate
200109On t Douglas Farrant On the Waterfront Open 16 Intermediate
200110Girl Ron Beattie Girls on the Grill Open 18 Intermediate
20011118th John Hyde 18th Century Woman Open 18 Intermediate
200201Off Stuart Brocklebank Off to Work Open 20 Intermediate
200202Seag John Clark Autumn at the Tarn Open 18 Intermediate
200203Tran Mike Newman Tranquility Open 17 Intermediate
200204Smac Chris Skinner Smack Racing Open 18 Intermediate
200205The Bill Cooper The Biker Open 17 Intermediate
200206Gold Andy Sands Golden plover calling Open 20 Best in Class Intermediate
200207Over Ariaan Winter Over there Open 17 Intermediate
200208Knar Val Beattie Knaresborough Viaduct Open 18 Intermediate
200209One Douglas Farrant One Leg or Two Open 16 Intermediate
200210Here Ron Beattie Herefordshire in Winter Open 20 Intermediate
200211Pain John Hyde Painted Mountain Open 16 Intermediate
200301Shee Stuart Brocklebank Sheep Auction, Hawes Open 17 Intermediate
200302Thro John Clark The Shopper Open 16 Intermediate
200303Vick Mike Newman Vicki Open 19 Intermediate
200304Stil Chris Skinner Still Waters Open 18 Intermediate
200305The Bill Cooper The Brighton Bandstand Cafe and Bar Open 19 Intermediate
200306Hove Andy Sands Hoverfly at dawn Open 19 Intermediate
200307Refl Ariaan Winter Reflections Open 16 Intermediate
200308Nigh Val Beattie Nightfall, Morecombe Bay Open 16 Intermediate
200309Suff Douglas Farrant Suffolks Punching their Weight Open 16 Intermediate
200310Ulls Ron Beattie Ullswater Evening Open 17 Intermediate
200311Russ John Hyde Russian Church in Alaska Open 18 Intermediate