CCComp Results for XRR Photographic Society

XRR Print Monthly 2015 Competition 5 - Patterns
Judge - Chris Palmer FRPS EFIAP Date - 06/04/2016
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Entrant Total Set Open Entrant Class
Stuart Brocklebank 65 16 49 Intermediate
Raj Haran 66 17 49 Intermediate
Ron Beattie 63 15 48 Intermediate
Chris Skinner 62 14 48 Intermediate
Mike Newman 68 18 50 Intermediate
John Clark 62 16 46 Intermediate
Bill Cooper 77 20 57 Intermediate
Val Beattie 58 15 43 Intermediate
Winston Edwards 54 11 43 Intermediate
Andy Sands 59 0 59 Intermediate



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Show Seq Entrant Author Title Class Score Award EntrantClass
100101Patt Stuart Brocklebank Patterns of Islam Set 16 Intermediate
100102Flag Raj Haran Flags Set 17 Intermediate
100104Cloi Ron Beattie Cloisters Set 15 Intermediate
100105Trai Chris Skinner Train Pattern Set 14 Intermediate
100106Brit Mike Newman British Museum Abstract Set 18 Intermediate
100107Fizz John Clark Fizzy Water Set 16 Intermediate
100108Sing Bill Cooper Sing on High Set 20 Best in Class Intermediate
100109Japa Val Beattie Japanese Maple Leaves Set 15 Intermediate
100110Deca Winston Edwards Decay of time Set 11 Intermediate
200101Angl Stuart Brocklebank Anglesey Barracks, Snowdonia Open 15 Intermediate
200102Albe Raj Haran Albert Docks Liverpool Open 16 Intermediate
200103Leaf Andy Sands Leaf cutter bee carrying leaf Open 20 Intermediate
200104Blea Ron Beattie Blea Tarn Fence Open 17 Intermediate
200105On t Chris Skinner On the Beat Open 18 Intermediate
200106Demo Mike Newman Demonstrators Cross London Bridge Open 17 Intermediate
200107Birc John Clark Birch Wood Open 13 Intermediate
200108Hard Bill Cooper Hard Time Collecting Open 20 Intermediate
200109Mapl Val Beattie Maple Leaf Open 14 Intermediate
200110Blea Winston Edwards Blea Tarn open 14 Intermediate
200201Gree Stuart Brocklebank Green on grey Open 16 Intermediate
200202Cana Raj Haran Canal Bridge at Dawn Open 16 Intermediate
200203Mili Andy Sands Military orchid Open 19 Intermediate
200204Corn Ron Beattie Cornish Cottage Open 15 Intermediate
200205The Chris Skinner The Time Travellers Open 15 Intermediate
200206New Mike Newman New City Open 16 Intermediate
200207Bird John Clark Bird on a Twig Open 13 Intermediate
200208Isol Bill Cooper Isolation Open 20 Intermediate
200209Nott Val Beattie Nottingham City Hall Open 16 Intermediate
200210Long Winston Edwards Long forgotten open 13 Intermediate
200301Mila Stuart Brocklebank Milan after Lowry Open 18 Intermediate
200302Vick Raj Haran Vicky Open 17 Intermediate
200303Stum Andy Sands Stump puffball realeasing spores Open 20 Best in Class Intermediate
200304I on Ron Beattie I only love my Ferrari Open 16 Intermediate
200305Wind Chris Skinner Wind Power ii Open 15 Intermediate
200306Over Mike Newman Over The Summit Open 17 Intermediate
200307Last John Clark Last Bend Open 20 Intermediate
200308Jaff Bill Cooper Jaffer Open 17 Intermediate
200309Tran Val Beattie Tranquil Wastwater Open 13 Intermediate
200310Yang Winston Edwards Yangste River open 16 Intermediate